157. The Boy Who Cried ARG


October 24th, 2022

1 hr 10 mins 23 secs

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  • Giving someone else's biography.
  • 7-Day Roguelikes.
  • Feeling ambiently like you are hanging out with somebody.
  • An emulator that works when you are not screen-capturing in OBS, but freezes when you are.
  • Making a backup of your Bowser's Fury save.
  • Video recording setup evolutions.
  • The pros and cons of extremely variable video lengths.
  • Playing Tony Hawk with Mario modded in.
  • What working on a Zelda game does to a person, psychologically.
  • Doing things that make people believe you're doing an ARG.
  • Twinbeard Rates Mario.
  • A robot co-host that eventually starts finishing your words for you.
  • Wanting to be a writer until you try writing.
  • A world that naturally develops in your brain.
  • How to tell stories.
  • Coming up with a bunch of characters that want things.
  • Reading stories in hopes that stories rub off on you.
  • Putting yourself in a situation where you write a lot of dialog trees.
  • How to make a platformer without doing any level design.
  • Expecting the same person to write the music and the lyrics.
  • The difference in the ideation process of world building and story telling.
  • A fact about the world that is true.
  • Captain Thalmoo surveying the battlefield.
  • Figuring out mid-burrito that there was a war, and deciding who won it.
  • A grain that flowers like lavender.
  • Searching Fiverr for Conlangers.
  • Paying $2 for something at the Dollar Store.
  • Logging Onto JimNet.
  • The Canon Bigger Luke Hypothesis vs. the Hamill Hypothesis.
  • The Inch-Luke Hypothesis.
  • Inch-Lukers.
  • Bigger Luke conspiracy theorists just assume that Han Solo stays the same size.
  • The real Skywalker was the bigger Luke all along.
  • The Boy Who Cried ARG.
  • Promising your wife that your son will not be Frog Fractions 3.
  • How many pages of laws a person is subject to at any given time.
  • Designing an ARG for your teenage son and he's like "ugh dad, again?"
  • Mortuary marching bands.
  • The patriarch who has just croaked.
  • The sister with the bent frame.
  • Uncle Louie with the wig.
  • Getting a free concert because someone died.
  • A funeral as a pleasant gathering of people you haven't seen in a long time.
  • Getting arrested for publishing Allen Ginsberg's "Howl."
  • Dressing up as an ancient sea captain.
  • How many funerals this marching band is playing today.
  • Hiring your nephew who has a Casiotone keyboard to play your funeral.
  • Hiring the Green Street Mortuary Marching Band to play at your kid's birthday but all they know how to play is Taps.
  • Bringing an axe to the funeral in case there's an emergency and you need to open up the coffin quickly.
  • If a guitar is an axe, a tuba is a bent axe.
  • Unbending the Tuba.
  • Why brass instruments are so twisty.
  • If you unwind a French horn it'll reach the moon and back.
  • The large flutes that are curly.
  • The son of a flautist.
  • A bookshelf that you blow into and music comes out.
  • Potential downsides of cryptids.
  • Wanting to take EMF meters into a creepy house even though you don't believe in ghosts.
  • The script scientists developed to let you fall in love at will.
  • How many blue coins out of five you would rate your wife.
  • Taking the Race IAT every week and analyzing your results over time.
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