158. Bark Mitzvah: Where Your Good Boy Becomes A Mensch


October 31st, 2022

1 hr 9 mins 4 secs

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  • Erica
  • The Real John B



  • Other topic podcasts biting Jim's steeze.
  • Spending the next hour blushing.
  • Holding a Bark Mitzvah to watch your Good Boy become a mensch.
  • Releasing a director's cut from beyond the grave.
  • Bad games that you can't get enough of.
  • Adventure games that make you feel like when grandma would visit and bring you donuts.
  • Secret Fandoms.
  • The new Nancy Drew series where Nancy Drew is an airhead and nobody likes her.
  • A 70 year old woman playing a teenager.
  • Whether game designers play anything other than World of Warcraft.
  • Why the Nancy Drew adventure games are not on phones.
  • Putting Nancy Drew in Fortnite.
  • Friend of the show, Dropsy.
  • You don't have to be an American to eat a garbage diet, but it sure helps.
  • Food color technology over time.
  • When Froot Loops added the fourth color.
  • Speaking truth to power about the little silver disc that you microwave pizza on.
  • The starchy packet that helps the noodles cook.
  • A job that requires the skill sets of both a chef and a materials engineer.
  • Things that come out of boxes nowadays.
  • Watching meat substitutes grow up.
  • Plastic golems living in your body.
  • Getting your first reading glasses at your Old Mitzvah and giving a speech starting with "now I am an old."
  • The second person this hour who has admitted to the pharmacist that they need reading glasses.
  • The baby technology section at Walmart.
  • Snot removers that'd also be great for insect collection.
  • A sock that measures blood oxygenation.
  • Earwitness accounts.
  • Working on the American Airlines announcement system and adding strange grunting noises to the playlist.
  • Electrical noise that is being interpreted by a system intended to transmit the human voice.
  • The guy who does all the grunt voices.
  • A sound that is like audio from a music album.
  • An incredible technical smartass who got annoyed at luggage fees.
  • A fridge full of snacks in the middle of the plane.
  • Every passenger getting up and going to the snack pit.
  • Wrestling for Cheez-Its.
  • All the folks who are into weird pranks and technical glitches making a pilgrimage to the American Airlines flight with the weird grunting.
  • Nancy-likes.
  • The Three Investigators, presented by Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Joining the discord for more on the ukulele plane.
  • Back in 1901 when they worried about Peak Cow.
  • Milk punch.
  • Eggless egg nog.
  • Celebrating all the positive ways cows influence our lives, and also we eat them.
  • Whether scientists knew extinctions were possible in 1901.
  • Looking for free games on the internet in 1999.
  • Letting the Game Hippo domain lapse and a domain squatter picks it up and the rest is history.
  • Dink Smallwood.
  • A multidirectional shooter with a cool perspective trick.
  • All the search engines they had before google.
  • The Williams College MUD that you could log in to and visit Williams College in the MUD.
  • Graal Online.
  • Receiving a box of shareware from your mom's coworker.
  • PC games from before developers realized that computers would get faster.
  • Typing swim fast enough that you don't drown.
  • Please Copy That Floppy!
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