161. How Much Can This Dog Deadlift?


November 21st, 2022

58 mins 8 secs

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  • Shannon
  • Avery



  • Game Changer.
  • Why various albums aren't on Spotify.
  • During the American Revolution when the British were always quartering punk bands in colonial household.
  • The Bug Porn calendar that Shannon drew for the FF2 ARG.
  • A singular bug in a pin-up pose.
  • A praying mantis cosplaying as a nun.
  • Learning a language and then forgetting it because you're too embarrassed to speak it around people.
  • A soup vs. a bowl of soup.
  • Thousands of years of associating this thing with this other thing.
  • How singing works in tonal languages.
  • The people who keep insisting that orange doesn't rhyme with anything.
  • That time Tom Lehrer rhymed "orange" with "bizarre enjoyment."
  • Memory palaces.
  • Stand over mouth next to person equals.
  • The "two six-packs" mnemonic for remembering what the two dots on the guitar fretboard mean.
  • Mnemonics that you would prefer to forget.
  • The blue/black/gold/white dress.
  • Changing the perceived color of an object by changing the lighting in the room.
  • Whether light is real.
  • Naming a color and never telling anybody the name.
  • Keeping a color swatch because your memory of a color might drift over time, but the swatch fades.
  • Perfect pitch for color perception.
  • Getting two sensory outputs from a single sensory input.
  • A deeply visual species.
  • Striving to be amazed and confused by things normal people take for granted.
  • Visualization but for smells.
  • A list of attributes of what your daughter looks like.
  • Blind sight.
  • Seeing but having no experience of sight.
  • Hashtag Kant Folks.
  • Discerning green and pink.
  • Do these two sexy nazi ponies look the same to you?
  • The purpose of music theory.
  • The invention of standardized tunings.
  • Where to find poems.
  • A cat who does not have a cat.
  • A cat wondering why nobody else in his family is a cat.
  • Things it is funny for a cat to be sad about.
  • Why the family cat didn't go to college.
  • Making sure to get a pet early enough that you child can see it die before going to college.
  • Getting a second dog vs. getting your dog a dog.
  • Dog IQ tests.
  • The placards at the dog shelter listing each dog's D&D stats and alignment.
  • Cockatiel owners.
  • A sporting event that measures how hungry you are.
  • How many cinder blocks you'd pull for a kingdom's Klondike bar.
  • Looking into a well during the full moon and saying Avery's name a hundred times.
  • Dating a string of Lisas.
  • Six Songs For Lisa.
  • Starting your six song album on song number three.
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