103. The 303 Beethoven Used


October 11th, 2021

1 hr 13 mins 19 secs

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  • Putting all of Spotify on shuffle.
  • Spotify rejecting your album because you put lyrics on the album cover.
  • Immersing yourself in a shitty visual aesthetic until you love it and the guy at the record label rejects your album cover.
  • Renaming your company to Content Distribution Baby now but the logo is still a baby on a CD.
  • The Godaddy man and the pets dot com sock puppet.
  • A demon face in the middle of a circuit board.
  • The part of the show where we look at image search results together.
  • Visiting Kowloon Walled City for the cheap dentistry.
  • Going to a nightmare city to get your teeth worked on: an opportunity to die.
  • One of several problems with working seven days a week and never taking a break.
  • Blame! or perhaps Blam!
  • Trying to live in the dystopian future where the construction nanobots run wild and convert all matter on the planet into endless nonsense staircases and ventilation ducts.
  • The protagonist having a really cool gun.
  • When the author doesn't know what's interesting about their own setting.
  • Having to write a novel because nobody's invented D&D source books yet.
  • Feeling like an outsider because you don't know which Dale Earnhardt crashed into a wall.
  • An online pixel art isometric place to hang out.
  • Being a jerk to people in an organized manner.
  • Audio production subforums.
  • How internet communities get radicalized and how they mellow out.
  • Ironically doing outrageous stuff on the internet.
  • The strange purity of being ahead of the curve.
  • Memes as a bannable offense.
  • Getting a Something Awful forum account for your birthday and never looking at it because you don't like awful things.
  • A synthesizer for the singer songwriter who doesn't have a bass player.
  • Discovering the future of techno in the bargain bin.
  • The history of the TB-303.
  • The Prophet-5 vs. the Prophet-6.
  • A drum pad that is the first of its kind.
  • The thing with the egg breaking against a wall and how you always side with the egg.
  • Creating reproductions of saught after out of print old stuff.
  • Having two guitars, one tuned in fifths and one tuned like a ukulele.
  • Writing music that could never be played.
  • Making games because you want to get your music in front of people.
  • Jim Stormdancer and the Frog Fractions Players.
  • Finally receiving the obscurity you've been craving.
  • Writing a book about the KLF as a lens into your particular moral philosophy.
  • Drum or Brown?
  • Doom Demon Invisible.
  • 5 times voted CMA female vocalist Tammy Wynette.
  • Trying to gesture at Discordianism or other forms of alternative mysticism.
  • Making a new game in character as a character from your last game.
  • The Burning Man man.
  • Presented with the Most Coveted Living Legend Award Sponsored By TNN.
  • Hiring randos to sing and play instruments on your album and hiring entirely different randos to be in your music video.
  • King Boy D and the other guy.
  • Burning a million quid and then going around asking people why you burned a million quid.
  • Good names for internet cafes.
  • A square of computers.
  • Not recognizing Stargate decor and assuming it's just sci fi Egypt themed.
  • Losing at Quake for your birthday while your parents watch a Pink Floyd DVD with the owner of the Internet cafe.
  • Which one is Cyber and which one is Nexus?
  • Not remembering why your band was invited to play a set at the Interface of Language and Technology.
  • That's a level 12 mage, get off of that!
  • Whether an internet cafe is the same thing as a cyber cafe.
  • The regular at your coffee shop who scalps tickets for a living.
  • Whipping out a 61 key MIDI controller to write tracks at Starbucks.
  • Trying to avoid situations where you'd accidentally give a philosophy lecture.
  • What is an organism and what organisms do.
  • Whether Aristotle knows that whales are mammals.
  • A category of things that have an effect.
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