104. Truck Nut, Singular


October 18th, 2021

1 hr 2 mins 30 secs

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  • Lack of confidence in your chocolate opinions.
  • Chocolate naan.
  • Fruit esters.
  • Chocolove.
  • A really mean fruit tart.
  • Giving the listeners homework.
  • Being self employed and feeling like you're constantly behind on some imaginary metric you haven't made up yet.
  • Propinquity.
  • Receiving an encrypted email asking if you want to work on a secret project and telling everybody about it on this show.
  • The Scoville scale of tidiness.
  • Doing an extremely tedious test to see if you have ADHD.
  • Laminating your ADHD certificate so you can keep it in your wallet in case you have to prove to someone that you have ADHD.
  • The power differential in relationships where one person is much more attractive than the other.
  • Retaining a panel of judges to rate all your clients' attractiveness from 1 to 10.
  • Video chatting someone who refuses to tell you where they work and you say "I'm writing down here that you work at Facebook" and then they immediately tell you where they really work, or if they just hang up then you know they work at Facebook.
  • Striving to get a good grade on your dating life, something that is normal and possible to achieve.
  • Instead of filling out your dating profile, just clicking "I'm feeling lucky."
  • The On Line System.
  • Whether smartphones are good.
  • If Facebook were more like MySpace and you could include Javascript in your status update so your status emits butterflies.
  • When Twitter didn't sanitize Javascript out of SVG uploads so you could include playable games in your avatar image.
  • TI calculators as a way to learn to program.
  • Giving kids these days the uphill-both-ways speech about how much worse TI calculators were in your day.
  • Tracker music on TI calculators.
  • From the future or from Xerox PARC?
  • What Apple did and failed to do with vertical integration.
  • An opportunity for disruption.
  • Running Turing-complete PostScript on your font cartridge.
  • Running Doom on your font cartridge.
  • The history of color perception.
  • The history of what color wine is.
  • Zeus' eyebrow color.
  • Whether all ancient Greeks were color blind or just Homer.
  • Greco-Roman poetic studies focusing on light and shadow but totally ignoring hue.
  • Dark in hue vs. dark in mood.
  • Stars that don't twinkle.
  • Catching stars from the sky by spraying them with water first.
  • A spaceship made of ferrofluid.
  • Not remembering any anime but remembering all their theme songs.
  • A genre of TV show that can only exist when there is disparity in the global economy.
  • First being scared of hyperspeed and then enjoying it and then being angry at it in the space of a few seconds.
  • Fantasy triangles.
  • A spaceship with truck nuts.
  • An ensemble of different animated character archetypes.
  • Establishing personality via the object the character is holding for their two seconds of screen time.
  • Trapping the protagonist in a simulation where they have to pretend to be a child chasing a star forever or until they sit up from the chair because it's not a very effective trap.
  • Banging on the geodesic Epcot sphere to be let inside.
  • Secret Service Ralph finally being promoted to pilot but insisting that he still be called Secret Service Ralph.
  • Everybody getting one Truck Nut and knowing you found your soul mate because your Truck Nuts match and you can pair them up.
  • Doing your best to bring up the arm count average.
  • Commander Meowch.
  • Using sentiment analysis to determine whether chat room users are about to be in a fight.
  • A Fletcher, meaning one who teleports around.
  • Figuring out which kind of moderator interventions will lead to good outcomes.
  • The September That Never Ended.
  • How to grow from a small community into a large community without changing the culture.
  • Being yelled at by 100 people each of whom aren't having the experience of harassing somebody.
  • Whether you can get rid of a forum user who is following all the rules but just nobody likes them.
  • Hot Allostatic Load.
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