98. That's Content, Baby!


September 6th, 2021

1 hr 2 mins 58 secs

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  • Mining the pre-show banter for a clip.
  • Dreaming of producing content every second of your life.
  • Getting hooked up to the content matrix and spewing content out of every orifice.
  • Burnt Notice.
  • Watercresstine.
  • Looking upon Burn Notice as your weird uncle who lives in your basement.
  • A podcast about discussing episodes of a podcast discussing episodes of Burn Notice.
  • Recording a song in the style of We Are The World except instead of the proceeds going to help children in Africa you keep the money.
  • Recording a song in the style of We Are The World except instead of the proceeds going to help children in Africa, it goes to getting Doctor Who back on the air.
  • We Are The Timelords.
  • Doctor In Distress.
  • Needing to stop making a podcast before your listeners can beg you to come back.
  • How locals pronounce "Los Angeles."
  • Not knowing how to look for your glasses in an apartment because your normally live in a farmhouse.
  • How nobody in LA owns more than one chair.
  • Whether Hallie's glasses were in the fridge.
  • Posting photos of your apartment to the internet so people can help you find your glasses.
  • Whether Winston answers the phone at a Korean BBQ restaurant in LA.
  • Being awake during the day: terrible.
  • The most concrete time of day.
  • Going to preschool and answering phones for a Korean barbecue restaurant until daddy picks you up at 4.
  • Loving 2am but being in bed by 9:30pm.
  • Like a tree but shorter, louder with stickier hands.
  • No responsibility except what you make for yourself.
  • An emulsion like mayonnaise except instead of tasting like mayonnaise it tastes like garlic.
  • Vampires hating garlic because they don't like the taste.
  • Whether you can have the vampire gene but not be a vampire.
  • Vampirism as a collection of traits that often manifest together, and you're only diagnosed with vampirism if these traits interfere with your ability to do your job.
  • How many marshmallows go in fudge.
  • Converting from marshmallows when the recipe calls for mini marshmallows.
  • Using marshmallows as bait to catch God when everyone knows God hates marshmallows.
  • Videos that love to start with a black screen that goes on a little too long when you're watching at one quarter speed.
  • A man in a blue hoodie jiggling as something is taking him over.
  • Shattering furniture with the power of your raw sexuality.
  • The Scully stand-in who is extremely skeptical about how horny this guy is.
  • St. Vitus' Dry Hump.
  • Could I be a fish doing push-ups?
  • Whether there is a Hitmonchan in this bra, and whether it's evolving, and whether we should push B.
  • The relief of consuming media and not feeling the need to form any reaction whatsoever.
  • Spiking the punch with LSD.
  • A cop whose face melts because he doesn't know what you'd turn down for.
  • Contracting a bad case of Original Sin and being very angry about it.
  • A straight man who stole Elton John's sunglasses.
  • Whether DJ Snake looks like a douchebag or just looks French.
  • Characters who grow hornier and hornier as over the course of eight seasons.
  • The 1943 Watchmen TV series.
  • The Veronica Mars model of serialization.
  • Whether the Columbo renaissance implies a Murder She Wrote renaissance.
  • Whether that's content, baby.
  • A character in a romantic comedy who makes web sites for everyone but who can't make a web site for herself.
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