97. A Clearly Marked Hellhole


August 30th, 2021

58 mins 12 secs

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  • What do Indie devs imagine AAA is like
  • My cousin is an astronaut
  • Finding an ad for a medicare scam in my drafts folder
  • Brad asks "The '30 days hath...' rhyme sucks as a mnemonic because so many months rhyme. Everyone should just use the knuckle mnemonic instead."
  • Ted Lasso
  • My post-burnout solo European vacation with a guy who had illicit keys to Notre Dame


  • Having one name like Cher but also having more names too.
  • Giving yourself a nickname because there are too many people with just your name.
  • Creating personal boundaries in an office setting and making it clear when people cross them.
  • Working on a regimented team where everyone has specific roles and the programmers can't just say "I feel like doing sound design today."
  • How to motivate yourself to work.
  • Cultural things that can go wrong with code reviews.
  • Wondering if a feature is a good idea and implementing it in a day and putting it in front of testers to find out.
  • How long before you ship a game is good.
  • How to get a team of 300 people to change direction.
  • How to be invested enough to do a good job but not invested enough that you'll freak out if your work doesn't make it into the final product.
  • Reasons to go to GDC.
  • My Cousin The Astronaut.
  • Sitting in the bleachers to watch the space shuttle launch.
  • A building that they don't tear down because it contains things
  • Building the international space station by sending up one piece per shuttle launch.
  • Whether Buzz Aldrin is still an astronaut.
  • Deciding as a child that you want to be an astronaut and from that point on making every decision in your live based on that goal.
  • Watching your daughter carry part of the international space station across a busy freeway.
  • Space shuttles exploding and driving up NASA's insurance rates.
  • The pros and cons of relentlessly chasing your dreams.
  • Self-esteem vs. self-compassion.
  • Living in LA and having to remind your kids that not everyone works in movies.
  • Different definitions of success.
  • The least-driven game developer.
  • Enjoying the process of making art vs. enjoying the result.
  • People enjoying what you've worked on.
  • Boosting your social security check by up to $1782 per year.
  • A Special Medicare Advantage Part B Premium "Giveback" Rebate Benefit.
  • Your pocket writing an email about Medicare.
  • Having a dream about Medicare and waking up and deciding to become a spam magnate.
  • Whether the mailto: protocol can specify a subject and a body.
  • Making a pact to change your email password.
  • Mnemonics for remembering how long each month is.
  • The Knuckle Mnemonic.
  • Whether it was aliens or the pope who stole the two months we used to have after December.
  • A show about nerding out. (It's this one.)
  • How wifi works in space when planets can get in the way.
  • The first moment of freedom on Mars.
  • Living on the Grand Canyon except you have to keep your eyes closed.
  • Thanking Brad.
  • Choosing a topic for nefarious reasons.
  • The least skeptical TV show.
  • Trying to remember to give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • Buying a plane ticket to Europe without knowing what you're going to do there.
  • Your friend in Paris who has a keyring with keys to every church in the city.
  • Breaking into Notre Dame during the COVID lockdown and checking out the view from the roof.
  • The listening tower that the NSA used to spy on East Germany.
  • Using a variety of methods to get the keys to every church in Paris.
  • A wig for people who have a mohawk that is just mostly one of the sides of your head.
  • The Santa Cruz Hell Hole.
  • Building the Paris tunnels to get partying teens off the streets and underground.
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