99. I Want You To Never Show Me This


September 13th, 2021

1 hr 1 min 51 secs

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  • Starting to meet up just in time for the Delta variant to show up.
  • jan Misali of the Youtube channel jan Misali.
  • Using Bing to google things.
  • A recent video you will have made.
  • How many games are in the Super Mario series.
  • Super Smash Bros / For Nintendo 3DS / It's Coming This Fall
  • Super Mario 64DS HD For Nintendo Switch.
  • The only three games that everyone can agree are Super Mario games.
  • Super Mario's Wacky Worlds for the Phillips CD-i.
  • Not knowing who to vote for comptroller so googling each candidate's name with "is good" and picking the one with the most results.
  • Whether Super Mario Run is a platformer.
  • The bare minimum of procgen required for a game to count as an endless runner.
  • When there's no consensus, there's no communication.
  • The Super Mario Artist series.
  • Any game you can look at counting as a "video game* because video is Latin for "I see."
  • Xenharmonics and microtonal music.
  • Subdividing the octave into 19 psychoacoustically equal segments.
  • The Venn diagram between people interested in microtonal music and people who understand singular value decomposition.
  • Enjoying 17-TET music but only the parts that would've sounded better in 12-TET.
  • Learning enough about Super Mario Bros. Special to decide whether it's a game.
  • All the different ways you could count things.
  • The only nontrivial solution to the cannonball problem.
  • Finding the center of a shape by cutting it out of cardboard and balancing it on your finger.
  • The Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers.
  • 39,474 different ways to find the center of a triangle.
  • Being wrong about the letter C.
  • Spelling it SD-ROM but still pronouncing it CD-ROM.
  • The fault of vulgar Latin.
  • Proto-Western Romance.
  • What Q means to us.
  • Slicing up a house into apartments by roping off a stairway.
  • Things depicted as normal in Hollywood movies that can't possibly be normal, such as flipping a switch to activate spinning blades in your sink.
  • Dedicated garbage knives that are just for cutting up garbage, that you keep next to the regular kitchen knives and they look the same but you know which ones are which.
  • The part of the infomercial for the Sink Knife Gun that's black and white where the lady is struggling to cut up her sink drain trash by sticking knives down there and wiggling them around.
  • Making a smoothie with a mortar and pestle.
  • Whether the Sarlacc Pit inspired garbage disposals or vice versa.
  • A Taco Bell built into a striking, memorable building.
  • A game you could check out at the local video store.
  • Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time.
  • CD-ROM experiences.
  • Minigames that mess with your interface.
  • The outer space labyrinth mine cart puzzle tying together all the unrelated Monty Python sketches.
  • Completing a game and it changes your desktop wallpaper to a congratulations screen.
  • Completing a level and unlocking audio you can set as your answering machine message.
  • Solving the secret for intergalactic success.
  • Topics you might like: food.
  • The quintessential Tumblr story.
  • The Tale of John Green's Favorite Taste.
  • Reblogging a post and then editing it so it looks like the person you were reblogging said something else.
  • John Green as in "The Bum Bum Song" John Green.
  • What it took to convince Tumblr to finally make it so you can't edit other people's posts.
  • Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra discussing John Green's Favorite Taste.
  • The Insane Clown Posse's web master writing a web chat server with no security whatsoever.
  • Feeling cool because you ruined it for everybody else.
  • Googling just the letter W.
  • Dueling George W. Bush to the death over ownership of the letter W.
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