136. Thanks For Inventing Dengue Fever, Mark Rosewater


May 30th, 2022

1 hr 3 mins 25 secs

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  • Erica plugs increasing optional mask compliance by farting
  • Jenni plugs birds
  • Jim plugs metaplugs repeating plugs


  • The System, and by extension, The Talenti Cup System
  • Decentralizing social media is gonna be real good for people not yelling at each other & kinda bad for sharing specialized information
  • We just taught Winston about "peeing in the woods" when we were going on a hike and now he wants to "pee in the woods" everywhere
  • Mark Rosewater designed devil fruits
  • Esper says: "As a longtime (since 1999, with only one substantial break) Magic: the Gathering player, it does my heart good to hear Mark Rosewater come up. His GDC talk about lessons he's learned in designing games is really sharp stuff (if a little 101 in places), check it out sometime."
  • Decarbonizing the language


  • Meta-plugging repeating plugs.
  • Bee Movie but it’s text to speech.
  • Increasing optional mask compliance by farting.
  • Mass: the volume of gas inside you, and how to increase its compliance.
  • A meme that people teach to each other.
  • Packing a shoe into a box and opening up a big box of mold years later.
  • Categories of things that fit into one-pint gelato cups.
  • The Body Box.
  • How to make itinerant lifestyles bearable and possible.
  • Organizing your entire house into the House Box.
  • Using your Dunbar number to keep track of your house plants.
  • Getting on Topic Lords by searching "pineapple on pizza"
  • Social media platforms that are owned by a rich asshole.
  • Drastically improving productivity in the workplace by banning the email forwarding of news articles.
  • The overwhelming feeling of shame when you don't have a take on the latest discourse.
  • Going on Tori Amos AOL chat to talk to your social group.
  • Buddha's list of 89 things that make you angry.
  • We've invented a new way to be angry.
  • Repeating topics because you've forgotten what you were just talking about.
  • Peeing in the laundry closet and calling it peeing in the woods.
  • Explaining to a three year old when it's ok and when it's not ok to pee outside.
  • Pee-ka-boo.
  • Everything sucks and I have no control over anything but I can poop in the front yard.
  • Taking increasingly larger shits in Richard Kind's cat box.
  • How George Clooney gets away with poop modification.
  • Taking increasingly larger shits in the Li-Cor machine that measures leaf respiration.
  • Whether playing Tom Jones at work constitutes sexual harassment.
  • Tom Jones in his leisure suit.
  • Cleaning up the lyrics to make rock and roll palatable to white people but leaving in the line about the "one-eyed cat peepin' in a seafood store."
  • Whether it's still sexual harassment if nobody points out that it's sexual harassment.
  • Jocund company.
  • Telling the story of the time you saw a bunch of daffodils.
  • Seeing a bunch of daffodils and shouting "Fuck! These fucking flowers are fucking pretty as shit!"
  • Conceiving of yourself as an indoor person, separate from the outdoors.
  • Reading a Japanese dictionary of dirty words and saying "Fuck! These fucking dirty words are fucking good as shit!"
  • Conceiving of interior spaces as being one with exterior spaced.
  • You can't unpee the bush.
  • Finding and eating devil fruits.
  • Eating the fruit that lets you talk to dragons when dragons don't exist.
  • Seeing a gun dog and assuming that it was a dog that ate a gun fruit but actually it was a gun that ate a dog fruit.
  • What happens if you eat a second devil fruit.
  • Dengue fever creeping up into Texas from Mexico.
  • The best place to contract Dengue Fever.
  • Burning the candle at both ends of the day.
  • Eating the burrito from both ends.
  • Harvesting the bioluminescent fungus.
  • Turbines on a windless morn.
  • Burning solar panels as a fuel source.
  • The worst thing to happen to Twitter/the best thing to happen to Mastodon.
  • The Dunbar Number for plants.
  • Voting someone out of the marriage because there's only room for one person in here.
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