137. Burying The Machete (So Nobody Can Open The Coconuts)


June 6th, 2022

1 hr 16 mins 3 secs

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  • Return of the Beast Lord.
  • Whether the Beast Lord fucks around.
  • The Beets Lord.
  • Hearing clapping and encouragement and assuming it's for you.
  • Being a tourist in a video game.
  • Riding a quad bike up Mt. Chiliad.
  • Getting past the first mission where you need to do violence to a lot of people so you can peacefully explore Los Santos.
  • Driving down the highway at night and taking a random turnoff into the wilderness and going on a hike in the moonlight.
  • The Grand Theft Auto V Not Hurting Anybody Challenge.
  • Taking a self-guided tour of the Bay Area in Watch Dogs 2.
  • A Short Hike mod for GTA V.
  • A needle art or craft.
  • Art vs. Craft.
  • What is the Citizen Kane of needlepoint? When will we see the first needle that can make you cry?
  • A piece of physical media that you look at.
  • Physically doing the thing to make it look like the image you have in your head.
  • An art form that has been around for as long as thread.
  • The joy of buying art supplies.
  • The anxiety relief of various stitches.
  • A boy who contains multitudes.
  • Getting dad a sidewalk for his birthday.
  • Cross-stitch route planning.
  • Marking notable locations in red.
  • The only way out. (Through.)
  • A three year old who wants to do something but delays as much as he can anyway.
  • A three year old who is just like adults except with way less impulse control.
  • A work in frogress.
  • The tale of druid Moondrop Honeysuckle.
  • A disembodied voice telling you to call it "granny."
  • The ancient place beyond the dead star in the Ultraviolet City.
  • Going into a random bar and hearing a poem about your mom.
  • Granny the Mind Flayer.
  • Falling sideways through reality and having to fight the big boss.
  • Recording season 42 of Survivor over Zoom.
  • The evolution of Survivor meta.
  • Finding a clue in the crook of a tree.
  • Throwing the flint into the ocean.
  • The gif of the two women gasping and the dude behind them smiling.
  • The Ashby Brewery Twitter account.
  • Why the algorithm thinks you care about Ratchet and Clank.
  • How to make Twitter livable on PC vs. on your phone.
  • The work every internet user puts into not being shown the stuff they don't want to see.
  • Mark Zuckerberg pointing at his mugger and shouting "See less of this! I'd like to see less of this!"
  • Eating the rich and having to worry about biomagnification.
  • Mr. Beer.
  • The Ashby Brewery and Video Game Studio.
  • All the Brews That's Fit to Print.
  • The Ashby Brewery and Video Game Studio quarterly brewsletter.
  • Being the bee man.
  • Not using Twitter in a while and Twitter emails you about what Russell Crowe is doing lately.
  • Extensively DMing Russell Crowe and then blocking Russell Crowe and then forgetting that either thing happened.
  • Why they call him John Mystery.
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