54. Stab 'Em Into Place


November 2nd, 2020

1 hr 2 mins 56 secs

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  • Fabric and circus arts.
  • Getting private trampoline lessons at the largest nonprofit circus in Seattle.
  • Being happy with an audience size that doesn't require you to moderate very much.
  • Forming smaller communities to take care of the people left behind by large governmental systems.
  • Empowering smaller communities to take care of each other.
  • Knowing your neighbors and caring more about them than people you don't know.
  • Cultivating a neighborhood to make sure you live near people you want to know.
  • The long term viability of the nuclear family.
  • A commune of queer people funded by a couple of tech jobs.
  • Motorizing two wooden planks and hooking them up to the internet to get hugs online.
  • Getting a whole lot done when you don't have internet access but now there's internet access everywhere.
  • Adding a physical ritual to a mental activity to make it feel real.
  • Putting the tomato on a different shelf to indicate that you are done with it.
  • An accountability mailing list where people might hypothetically judge you for what you haven't gotten done.
  • Fake accountability that feels real.
  • Trying to replicate a warehouse full of indie game devs on Discord.
  • Asking you for friends' lunch table to be enlarged so you can fit.
  • Writing a Discord bot that replicates the chat of every voice channel in every other voice channel.
  • Solving a social problem with social change rather than software.
  • How many clicks it takes to switch chat rooms.
  • Running through a procedurally generated maze.
  • Doing floating point math by aliasing the bytes to an integer and subtracting it from a weird magic number.
  • Code that is so self contained and stable that it's not really a problem that nobody understands it.
  • Old programmers retiring and their knowledge leaving with them because they didn't document anything.
  • Writing a megabyte long brain dump of everything you know about a project before it leaves your head.
  • The talk Jim didn't give describing the shaving cream technology in Glittermitten Grove.
  • Being too tired from your shaving cream rendering R&D project to do a good job on your beard rendering R&D project.
  • Wario Ware except with relaxing minigames rather than stressful ones.
  • Porting your game from modern systems to MS-DOS so you can sell it on a floppy disk.
  • How scratch and sniff failed where a Smell-O-Vision video gaming peripheral will succeed.
  • A swear filter but for smells.
  • The Femicom museum.
  • Going for walks around your neighborhood and seeing the outside of someone's house.
  • The hidden interior of a stranger's home as an allegory for their unknowable mind.
  • Peeking into your neighbor's window whenever you get the chance.
  • Which service jobs let you go into people's houses and see how they live.
  • How it's okay to let the cleaning service employees see your secrets because you don't consider the working poor to be real people.
  • Whether house cleaners get a small amount of joy in knowing the weird secrets of rich people.
  • The guy who comes in every few months for repairs because your computer is completely full of porn.
  • Seeing someone's deepest darkest secrets and being like "it was aight"
  • Wanting a nicely interior-designed house but not wanting to put in any effort.
  • Wanting to paint your house and painting one wall and thinking "I'm good."
  • Getting the kind of paint that seems like a normal wall color but changes to a garish color after it dries, to fool your wife.
  • Being ready to learn all the new hobbies as lockdown starts but someone already bought all the sewing machines and felting needles.
  • How many more ways you can fuck up a sewing project vs. a knitting project.
  • Pulling out all the stitches in a pleated skirt for the third time and deciding you want a different hobby.
  • Taking natural animal fibers and stabbing them into place.
  • A sewing project having to hang on someone's body in a particular way.
  • Learning every game development skill so you can make games without ever talking to anyone.
  • Smearing goo on a white surface and it becoming a picture somehow.
  • The hobbies we'd have if we had infinite time.
  • Looking at a painting and seeing which parts the painter messed up by looking for the parts that are thickest.
  • The "warmest greetings" coffee cup.
  • The animated gif where they poke a hole in the coffee cup and coffee spurts out.
  • Making a d-pad feel like a fresh control scheme by attaching a jetski to it.
  • Inventing a solution while also entertaining your audience.
  • Co-op TIS-100, where each player gets their own CPU cell.
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