155. Do AI Researchers Know About Having Kids?


October 10th, 2022

58 mins 20 secs

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  • Bike Church.
  • Learning to fix a bike.
  • The audio book for Watership Down.
  • The book that inspired the plugging.
  • Our own brain's mental model of our attention.
  • If you are what you think then suddenly you're this other thing.
  • The brain's proprioception of itself.
  • The Turning Test as praxis.
  • A second brain that tries to second-guess the first brain.
  • An idea that is brilliant or not.
  • Have machine learning researchers heard about having kids?
  • X: A Child's Story.
  • A discount dystopian nightmare.
  • A book that is banned in twenty states but otherwise nobody cares about it.
  • Kids who inexplicably look like Charles Bronson.
  • The consolidation of media into six megacorporations.
  • Kids learning how to pirate again.
  • A specific right that can be sold or exchanged.
  • The end of the golden age of streaming.
  • What Napster was like.
  • Downloading an MP3 from an FTP site and then recording it to a cassette tape because you don't have that much hard drive space.
  • Ice that is still ice.
  • When the bartender pours your drink on the floor and gives you a straw.
  • The Forbidden Jungle Juice.
  • A story from back when most of Jim's friends were alcoholics.
  • Noticing a cocktail on the floor of the elevator and wondering how it got there and then you realize the elevator smells like a smoke bomb and you're like "oh ok"
  • Checking the ceiling of the elevator for ninjas.
  • The problem with the wine bar spit urn.
  • The coffee that you give to the poor.
  • Pouring your excess coffee into the donation box at church.
  • Dropping a loose muffin into the mail drop box to show thanks to the mail carrier.
  • A floor made of mail.
  • A dastardly Nintendo villain.
  • Thy time to attack Mario and Luigi.
  • Why thou dost not have thine own video fame.
  • Why thou art always cranky.
  • Whether a power flower fell in you mouth when thou wast a baby.
  • What it wouldst be like to be friends with Bowser and thou.
  • Fighting Geno the Explorer dangerously.
  • Why thou art not in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • A poem that asks many important questions and provides no answers.
  • Hyper Mecha Sonic.
  • A thriller about video game mascots.
  • The bright line in the sand that makes Yoshi a pet rather than a friend.
  • Dumping your boyfriend Waluigi any time you need an extra few feet of jump height because at any time you can load up Mario Tennis and get another Waluigi for free.
  • Trying desperately to find or create a purple-moustachioed Waluigi.
  • The eight named generations.
  • The Reprisal Generation, of the Nomad/Reactive archetypes.
  • Why the concept of generational cohorts is unique to modern Americans.
  • Ming Dynasty Boomers.
  • Violence that is continuous and normal.
  • The Greatest Generation, who had no idea at the time how Great they had it.
  • A Radical for Fingers.
  • Seeing a king wearing a hat and trying to remember what that's supposed to remind you of.
  • Looking at your hands and trying to remember why this is important.
  • Not figuring out that your grandpa is hilarious until a week before he dies.
  • Waiting in the bathroom for the test to start.
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