203. Only Girls Get Duck Combs For Christmas


September 11th, 2023

1 hr 8 mins 17 secs

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  • The part where Jim talks.
  • Splitting your mutuals.
  • The kind of person who goes to Bluesky vs. who goes to Mastodon.
  • A relationship with an editor. (Like Emacs.) (Or Vim)
  • Wanting to see what Shaq posts.
  • The human zoo of bad takes.
  • Who sent Shaq a Bluesky invite??
  • O' That's Raspberry
  • Metal Gear Apologies.
  • Sending Konami money to fund the port of Metal Gear Solid 4.
  • Optimizing for extremely specific hardware and getting entrenched.
  • Shaders languishing on PS3.
  • PT's final resting place.
  • Konami diversifying into video games in the 80s when it's lucrative and dediversifying when it stops being as lucrative in the 2010s
  • A lot of weird business practices involving Slurpees and banking
  • All the places the Vita port of Metal Gear Solid 2 went on to.
  • The Worlds of Power novelization of Metal Gear.
  • A Narpas Sword scenario.
  • Cutscene inflation.
  • What happened to cutscene lengths after voice acting became cheap.
  • Encoding movies on a disc for free.
  • Time to Crate vs. Time to When Your Input Matters.
  • Ramen waterslides.
  • Annoying things that little kids do that adults also do.
  • Playing video games and parenting at the same time.
  • Whether it's still abuse if it's happening in the Netherlands.
  • Expectations people place on their children for Christmas vs. for Halloween.
  • Distorted beer.
  • Getting a bunch of stuff you don't want for Christmas.
  • A sweater with Mario or a cool dinosaur on it.
  • Swapping the Barbie and GI Joe voice boxes and whether that's a plot point of the Barbie movie.
  • Chewbacca dancing on top of the twin towers as they collapse.
  • Taking wire cutters to the electrical substation and getting some free copper.
  • I don't feel 130 kilovolts; I'm a perfect sphere.
  • Creating a situation where people are safe even if they're not paying attention.
  • Flying around in a tornado googling "what do you do when you're flying around in a tornado"
  • Is it .webm or .webnn?
  • All the three letter acronyms that ought to be on the internet rug you can't get.
  • The giant System 7 floppy disk blanket.
  • A blanket with the Mac startup sound on it.
  • Missing out on some drum solos.
  • A poem based on a true story.
  • Being afraid to look at your tax returns.
  • Getting single taxed and double social security benefits.
  • Replacing your old snowball with a new snowball.
  • Your thing as a person trained in audio engineering.
  • Getting a very insensitive microphone so that it only picks up the sounds you want it to.
  • Jim's advice for recording your voice.
  • A Shure SM-57B with the Cloudlifter.
  • Technical knowledge for smart people.
  • Solid state drives failing without warning.
  • A high pitched whine imparting a natural warmth to your voice.
  • Recording your voice with a $15 boom arm.
  • Using shittier tools as you get more experienced.
  • A cover of a Weezer song that's rendered unlistenable hematite l because of the string squeak.
  • The inability to process and retain information about LinkedIn's purpose.
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