204. Defrag My Colon


September 18th, 2023

1 hr 10 mins 38 secs

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  • JohnB
  • CisHetKayFaber



  • Whether it's okay to catch up.
  • Air conditioning on hot days.
  • A steel mill catching fire and the whole east bay smells like the back of a cathode ray tube.
  • Shaking yellow sand out of your laundry.
  • Importing brushfire smoke from Canada.
  • Using bad metaphors to explain RAM.
  • Stochastic immunology.
  • Alphabetizing all your gut bacteria.
  • Whitman's Anal Sampling Mechanism.
  • The Bonzi Buddy of the human body.
  • Your inkjet printer waking up at 5am to cycle some ink.
  • The optimal humidity to reflow your ink cartridges.
  • Norton Commander.
  • Selecting files with the arrow keys and viewing them with F3.
  • How Thunking ruined Jim's Norton Commander clone.
  • Your fish nervous system trying to be a fish again.
  • Reciting the anti-hiccup poem to cure your hiccups.
  • Fish reminding each other to not take ten small sips of water or they'll stop breathing.
  • Scaly swimmers.
  • Working in a shark lab.
  • Whether a fish sandwich is a fish or a sandwich.
  • Offering people a "tuna roll" and when they say yes guessing whether they think you mean the sushi or tuna salad on a bready roll.
  • Meditating on the concept of hiccups.
  • Congratulations, you won the game!
  • How to Beat the Atari Home Video Games.
  • Where a library would shelve those books of type-in BASIC programs.
  • Dave (2018) and Dave Demo (2018)
  • Which Boss Fight Books are good.
  • Starting your kid on Mario Maker.
  • Game Engine Black Book: Doom and Game Engine Black Book: Wolfenstein 3D.
  • Mario Galaxy's camera-oriented level design.
  • Your body telling you when it's time to drink water.
  • Using Final Fantasy 4 as a bridge to talk about localization.
  • Developing a light gun game to install in all the bowling alleys now that the bowling fad has faded.
  • The Countdown to Irrelevance.
  • Books that used to be blogs.
  • Inventing criteria for how you beat Galaga.
  • Learning what micturations are twenty years after reading that Vogon poem and wondering which seeming nonsense words you'll learn in the next twenty years.
  • The BBC TV Hitchhiker's Guide series.
  • The second-worst poetry in the galaxy.
  • Red Dwarf airing on Dave.
  • A better way to think about it. (If you are a math person.)
  • Drive-by Mathematics.
  • Nesting your watch orders.
  • Watching every episode in every possible order to get the maximum possible amount of context for every scene.
  • Marylin vos Savant.
  • The Monty Hall Problem.
  • A game design that presumes the player does not want a goat.
  • Whether you want to switch to the other goat.
  • Opening 98 doors, revealing goats behind each one.
  • Pushing limits and talking about calculus.
  • Learning Japanese because you want to read the smutty manga.
  • X: The Everything App.
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