41. Non-Euclidean Christianity


August 3rd, 2020

1 hr 10 mins 16 secs

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  • Ryan is @RyanIkeComposer on Twitter and @RyanIkeAudio on Instagram and is probably not working on Skyrim 2?
  • Tyriq is FourbitFriday everywhere and really wants to finish Catacomb Kids.



  • Clapping just because it's fun.
  • A trainwreck of three people talking over each other.
  • Being in a corridor and punching a weird alien.
  • Topic thirst.
  • Pokemon Snap making you even more of a pariah, if that's even possible.
  • Throwing apples at a Snorlax until it wakes up, like the shitty kid at the zoo.
  • A reverse body snatcher situation, where you're the only alien walking around in a skin suit.
  • Enjoying a game more if it doesn't involve collecting things.
  • Going to a free R&B concert every Sunday.
  • Going to a white small town Lutheran church which was boring and lame.
  • The organ coming in for particularly high-energy moments.
  • Somebody telling you that you are inches away from going to hell in the same basement that they just had an alcoholics anonymous meeting four seconds ago.
  • Having to worry about all your atheist friends going to hell.
  • Non-Euclidean Christianity.
  • Refusing to put anything in your ears to make the music be less music and going deaf for three days.
  • Big moving contraptions that resemble some sort of life form made out of shafts of PVC that wander along the beaches.
  • Having no purpose other than to exist.
  • Having made so many things extinct that you feel obligated to fill the ecosystem with weird new robots.
  • Sentient scooters running wild in New York City.
  • An adorable robot that can only roll forward and relies on passers-by to navigate.
  • Automations existing wholly outside of the human sphere.
  • A battlebot that got loose in the forest, a ramp rolling around the forest floor flipping over pinecones.
  • Wanting to believe that battlebots are real so badly that you forget that they have RC drivers.
  • A robot with a nuke or at least a flail.
  • A village of Rube Goldberg machines triggering each other forever.
  • Listing jazz standards except replacing one of the words in each title with "nooch."
  • One of those jokes that you construct for 17 people to get, but those 17 people really appreciate it.
  • Slipping in the shower and the last thought in your head before you die is the game of the jazz standard that makes the best nooch pun.
  • Not being sure whether an answer to your question is possible but proceeding under the assumption that it is.
  • Not allowing yourself to die until you know the answer.
  • Carrying around the answer to your life's question in your wallet so whenever you're ready to die you can read it and the paramedics will find you crumpled on the floor holding a note that just says "The Girl From Ipanoocha."
  • Just wanting to be a person who has a finished game.
  • Being driven to finish your current project so you can start the next one.
  • Realizing that just because you made a promise to finish one project, you're allowed to do other things too.
  • The projects that anyone can come in and finish vs. the projects that will die with you.
  • Not having the attention span to finish a big project unless you owe it to somebody.
  • Having some realizations right here on the podcast.
  • Convincing yourself that the thing you want to do can fit as part of your larger project.
  • Making music and never playing it for anybody because you're just making music because you enjoy it.
  • All the great artists of the past having had a record label or a church they were beholden to.
  • Michelangelo just deciding "this ceiling looks wack, I'm gonna fix it."
  • Thinking of your unpublished works as increasing your posthumous clout.
  • Putting your unpublished works in the attic because that's where people find posthumous art.
  • Selling one album to somebody in New Jersey in your twelve year music career.
  • Starting a patreon for people who want to support your main work and putting only unrelated works behind the patreon paywall.
  • Uploading yourself to the cloud and making jam games forever for an audience of nobody.
  • Adopting new phrases into your lexicon and letting other ones vanish.
  • Adopting the vocal mannerisms and vocabulary of people you hang out with.
  • Needing a phrase that means "diggity dang" but replacing each one after six months as you get sick of it.
  • Talking to someone who doesn't use "umm" or "like" and instead just pauses for the same amount of time, and never being sure if they're done talking or if they are about to headbutt you.
  • So-called "disfluencies" like "umm" and "uh" providing value to the listener in that they signify that the upcoming idea is more complex.
  • Why everyone talked so fast in the early 20th century.
  • Op-eds from Victorian times complaining about how young women are constantly saying "prithee" and "perchance" now.
  • Needing the revolution to start soon because the boomers are about to die of old age and then the guillotine falls squarely on Gen X.
  • Boomers writing op-eds about how Gen Z hates Gen X and millennials too, in hopes of inventing a generational divide that they're not on the wrong side of.
  • Giving the next generation instructions on how and why to destroy you.
  • The age segregation in the American school system resulting in most people knowing only people their own age for much of their lives.
  • Cultural generations shortening as cultural change speeds up, until twins born minutes apart are on opposite sides of a war.
  • Starting an Instagram to try to connect with the kids.
  • College costing either zero or infinity dollars depending on the letter your last name starts with.
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