207. Muppet Bird Generation Ship


October 9th, 2023

1 hr 11 mins 39 secs

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  • Lesley
  • Nathan



  • Hyper Light Breaker.
  • Bumpy Grumpy.
  • Recording a podcast from inside a toilet.
  • Fishtank bubbling noises.
  • Assigning a point value to eating reindeer lichen.
  • Eating your belt because someone famous ate their belt once in the 19th century.
  • Starving contests.
  • Calling in an air drop for your favorite outdoor survivalists.
  • The reality show where a guy is living alone in an apartment scouring thousands of magazines for offers of free stuff.
  • The "it's a living" joke.
  • Pez Guy.
  • Trying to redeem Pepsi tokens for a fighter jet.
  • A boiler room full of people tilting soda bottles.
  • Weary cereal mascots.
  • Hippies living in a canyon until Topanga emerges.
  • Making a Nextdoor post about a guy peering in your window and the replies are like "it's cool it's just Window Peering Jim checking out your remodel."
  • Making a Nextdoor post about finding a baby goat and what do I do and a reply saying "you need to call the Goat Goddess" and another reply saying "I'm the Goat Goddess and I can help you."
  • Encouraging microcultures.
  • Surfacing positive comments to the top of Youtube videos.
  • Using technology to steer people away from being terrible.
  • Writing a story about a guy with a sword.
  • Writing a parody of bad fanfiction and building Minecraft worlds to support your world building.
  • Whether jokes are funnier now or if old jokes are just out of fashion.
  • Trying to relate to the kids by saying "I can has cheeseburger?"
  • How art used to happen before copyright law fucked everything up.
  • The dudes at the farmers market selling tomatoes that are obviously from the grocery store.
  • The farm with a sign that says "come pick pumpkins at our pumpkin patch" but the pumpkins are just sitting on the ground and by pick they just meant "select."
  • The Quasi-Authentic Experience.
  • A pumpkin velcroed to a vine.
  • A large hill. (Not a mountain.)
  • Making the light a liar, at least until your mid-thirties.
  • Ruining an otherwise amazing moment.
  • A Minority Report precog murder kind of situation.
  • Whether the light has a bell too.
  • A poem that's just a shower thought if you think about it.
  • Taking the eggs to an incubation center.
  • Muppet Bird flavor.
  • Cutting open a cookie monster to reveal the cookie layers inside.
  • Seeing the Cookie Monster's leg in the window of the butcher shop.
  • The roast chicken saying "It's a living!" as you slice it up.
  • Robots that sound like bees.
  • Slipping on the ice and hearing the bees.
  • Whether fun robots are even scarier than serious robots.
  • Moxie the child companion robot.
  • A dog named Spot and his SDK.
  • Too loud, too scary, too many bees.
  • People who can pollinate.
  • If it's empty, fill it with bees.
  • Memes that the kids don't think are old because they have fallen out of the cultural memory entirely.
  • Still being on Twitter because you have games to sell.
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