208. E.T. Shot First


October 16th, 2023

1 hr 1 min 28 secs

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  • Hallie
  • Tyriq


  • People really like potatoes and I don't get it
  • I wear shorts now.
  • Why are these ants on my desk?
  • The go-getters of predawn gym
  • Non feathered dinosaurs in the public imagination
    • Esper says: Magic: the Gathering does have feathered dinosaurs as part of its mesoamerican-inspired setting, which look cool as hell. Not all of them are completely covered or anything, but Gishath is a good example of how to make a dinosaur look really intimidating and powerful while still having feathers. https://scryfall.com/card/xln/222/gishath-suns-avatar
  • McPop


  • Not counting the Zelda game you made.
  • Mashing up the hummus beans.
  • Tahini texture.
  • Garbanzo merengue.
  • Cutting-edge vegan technology.
  • Making video games until you learn better.
  • The freezer popsicle that's just a tube of flavored water.
  • Potato struggle sessions.
  • Curly fries versus seasoned curly fries.
  • A waste of a hearty food that should last longer.
  • Century potatoes.
  • Burying a potato in the ground and setting a peat bog on fire.
  • Taro chips.
  • The bag in the grocery store that says "veggie sticks" and there's a picture of fresh vegetables on the bag but inside it's just potato slurry fried into stick form.
  • Anti-shorts positions.
  • A tattoo in a conspicuous place.
  • Showing up to a game jam in a Voldo harness.
  • A tattoo that makes it look like you've been scratching a rash.
  • Getting a cool tattoo and starting going to the gym because you want to be worthy of the tattoo.
  • A slovenly dude in a fedora getting a sick tattoo of a slovenly dude in a fedora.
  • Yakuza style tattoos except it's all video game shit.
  • Leaving an olive under your desk.
  • What the ants are into lately.
  • House Ants.
  • Storehouses of finger dust.
  • Letting the ants have the olive.
  • Mice with an exoskeleton.
  • Sitting on a toilet made of ants and instantly becoming one with the ants.
  • A bottle of Ginger Ants.
  • Extremely tangy abyss.
  • What is in my mouth? What is in my bed?
  • Rolling a ball of goo over your keyboard.
  • Finding some good goo and keeping it to yourself.
  • The validity of shipping yourself with things.
  • Merging your cats.
  • Motivated brothers.
  • Waking up at 5:30 to go to the gym.
  • Go-gettitude.
  • Chronotypes.
  • Expressing all the aspirational aspects of yourself.
  • The only person flexing in the mirrors.
  • Why is this young teen here so early?
  • Pretty ripped. (For a child.)
  • Giving up on waking up before dawn and becoming the kind of go-getter who gets later things.
  • Reconstructing dinosaurs based on what people think they should look like.
  • Semi-mythical creatures. (That actually existed.)
  • Microraptors that are slightly melty.
  • 65, with Adam Driver.
  • An interesting concept, executed poorly.
  • The Pepsisaur.
  • Adam Driver running away from horny dudes crawling around in mocap suits and the test audiences hate it so they CGI in some horny humanoid dinosaurs.
  • Having kids and patching ET so the government agents don't have guns and then after your kids grow up, patching ET so they have extra guns.
  • Twelve gauge flashlights.
  • Lemmings but with babies.
  • One of each type of eye.
  • Eyes that are so human looking that it kind of fucks you up.
  • A reverse The Fly situation.
  • McPopHouse.
  • The Junta of Tralfaz.
  • Picking up a new key and trying it on every locked door you've ever seen.
  • Pressing insert to empty your sexual tension meter.
  • Back before Microsoft Word owned the .doc extension.
  • A hoary pld PD Turbo 3.0 include file circa 1985.
  • Sentences from shareware documentation that have been in your head for 30 years.
  • BBS Doors.
  • Legend of the Red Dragon.
  • Reprising your role as Olmec.
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