206. Waiting Around For Laundry To Be Invented


October 2nd, 2023

1 hr 21 mins 40 secs

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  • JP
  • Styger


  • Wouldn't mind hearing Jim's thoughts on the recent Super Mario Bros Wonder video
  • Souls departing / cartoon ghosts
  • You're supposed to use a "spacer" with inhalers now
  • Probably not a full topic but I finally ate that apple I was hyped for in my fist Topic Lords appearance
  • Questions for a more experienced musician about learning to play piano + songwriting
  • How do we teach our children to pirate?


  • The flu shot.
  • Your TV patching itself.
  • Going wading in a bog until laundry is invented.
  • Dying of smoke inhalation until someone invents the chimney.
  • A topic for Jim.
  • Soliciting Mario opinions.
  • Murdering an 80s kid with Mario footage.
  • Squat anime Link.
  • Mario with a grappling hook.
  • Mario with asynchronous co-op partners.
  • The new Mario game bringing the real freak shit.
  • Developer quality of life.
  • The unfortunate mythology of the industry.
  • Getting to the moon more sustainably.
  • Mike Mika's Donkey Kong gender swap mod.
  • Big globs of ragu flying out of rotoscoped pixel men.
  • The evolutionary dynamic range of AAA games.
  • The boringness of violence.
  • Realistic present day modern warfare.
  • Making garbage that makes the world worse forever.
  • Wanting to see your medium grow.
  • A puzzle platformer using a first person shooter interface.
  • Reaching a little bit for a different thing.
  • Dealing a little bit of damage to a wall.
  • A door turning a corpse into a squished blood paste sprite.
  • Pikmin 3 as the most honest war game.
  • No Dead Pikmin Speed Run.
  • Getting more stuff back to your onion.
  • Revisiting game mechanics from throughout the series.
  • Outgrowing your childhood diseases.
  • A big plastic cylinder the size of a breath.
  • Audio iconography saying "look at this dickhead"
  • A bong for your inhaler.
  • All the surfaces between the air and your bronchial tubes.
  • A major change in inhaler technology.
  • Putting a bunch of programmer time into making conference calls sound good.
  • Respironix Optichamber Diamond.
  • Algorithms to cancel out the Mentos Jingle.
  • Finally trying the new apple varietal on your birthday.
  • Haphazard produce sections.
  • Heapsorting apples.
  • This apple is going to make you its bitch.
  • Bad mealy apples in the 80s.
  • Banana lore.
  • As Seen In Snopes: Verified Not Bullshit Fruit.
  • Getting the gist of a song and being able to do your own thing with it.
  • Making noises that sound like nice music.
  • Learning to play guitar while waiting for your maps to compile.
  • Edly's Music Theory for Practical People.
  • Learning to which suspicious-looking websites to trust.
  • The Golden Age of Scams.
  • oldversion.com
  • Spiffy new Windows NT computers.
  • Streaming services that you refuse to give money to.
  • Doers of Game Piracy.
  • Public opinion turning on piracy and copyright.
  • Information literacy.
  • The surviving websites where you don't mind being found.
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