197. It's No Moist Shit, But I'll Eat It


July 31st, 2023

58 mins 24 secs

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  • Banishment is still legal as a punishment in Georgia (the state)
  • From an evolutionary standpoint, why is it so hard to admit you're wrong?
  • Minesweeper speed running
  • Sometime During Eternity, by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
  • Marsupials: Have they got it figured out?
  • Venture Bros. rewatch - things gleaned from a binge rewatch 20 years after it debuted, ahead of the finale
    • Esper says: "Also I second the Venture Bros. recommendation, and double-triple the content warning. The first season is rough not only in terms of political correctness, but some of the episode setups are just 'let's watch the characters be racist for a while and assume that's funny.' They work their way out of it mostly after the first season, and those episodes aren't even great, but are completely necessary for laying groundwork going forward. And it's really worth it to get through them! Everything after season 1 is excellent, and everything from seasons 3 to 7 is truly some of the best television writing of all time."
  • The origin of dungeons


  • Vidjagame Apocalypse.
  • 30 20 10.
  • The day when new games used to come out.
  • Why podcasts come out at certain times.
  • Banishing someone from 158 counties.
  • Taking drugs to regulate your brain chemistry.
  • Figuring out some way you were right every time you're wrong.
  • Signaling and countersignaling.
  • Being so high status that you don't even need to pretend to be right.
  • Coming back two days later to prove that Steven Spielberg directed Star Wars.
  • Minesweeper board generation.
  • The Dreamboard.
  • 16 vs 32-bit PRNGs.
  • Speed running a game regardless of whether it's fun to speed run.
  • Watching speed run attempts live.
  • Using up one of your Life Stalks.
  • The shame of confusing Minesweeper and Minecraft.
  • The origins of Minesweeper.
  • Minesweeper the Game the Movie.
  • Harrison Ford on a boat fighting aliens.
  • Rihanna on a boat fighting aliens.
  • Manning an aircraft carrier with four guys, two of whom are over 90.
  • Back when they were still making movie video games.
  • An Advance Wars clone made as a tie-in to the movie Battleship.
  • Some scroll-type parchments that some henchmen left lying around the Dead Sea.
  • Jesus sitting in on your jazz combo.
  • Sitting there looking dead.
  • Going all in on Beatnik Jargon.
  • Asking centenarian beat legend Lawrence Ferlinghetti what he thinks about Minesweeper.
  • Flies holding their noses to eat durians.
  • If humans had elephant-length gestation periods and the kids came out walking and talking.
  • Giving birth to peanut-sized babies and expecting the babies to climb into your pouch on their own.
  • Having half a dozen kids because you need help emailing PDFs.
  • Adorable tiny possums that look like weasels all over South America.
  • Marsupials transplanting babies between pouches.
  • Some K-Type shit.
  • Munching on opiates your entire life.
  • What if Jonny Quest grew up to become a fail son?
  • The slowest rollout of a TV show in the history of television.
  • Gee willikers, I can't wait to solve this mystery!
  • Making a sequel that reflects the fact that you've grown since you made the original.
  • Adventure cartoon archetypes.
  • David Bowie showing up and yelling at you.
  • The deadly sting of the monarch butterfly.
  • One of the things that you put up against your throat and it vibrates.
  • A little straw that you put in your mouth to make it sound like you're talking through a didgeridoo.
  • What a regular person thinks of when they hear "dungeon" vs. what a nerd thinks of.
  • What was this place before it was a monster-infested dungeon?
  • A labyrinth full of guys.
  • Fill it with a few wonders and you got yourself a dungeon.
  • The Tomb of the Qin Emperor.
  • Why they only made some of the pharaoh's tomb a trap, rather than the whole thing.
  • Letters we used to have.
  • The German letter that looks like a big B.
  • Mewterhead.
  • La Fiesta de Quince Anos.
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