196. Active Time Battle Internet Relay Chat


July 24th, 2023

1 hr 11 mins 1 sec

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  • John
  • JohnB



  • John and John as well.
  • A John of Many Names.
  • The Frog Fractions Soundtrack of the Decade Edition Vinyl.
  • Being sued for copying a song's vibes.
  • Aldi Barcodes.
  • Noise-cancelling the sound of eating crackers.
  • Just scan it. It's food.
  • A word full of high-scoring Scrabble tiles.
  • Juxtaposing a police station.
  • A history of "juxtapose" waiting in the wings like a Batman origin story.
  • Pre-35 words.
  • Biff going back in time to 17th century Prague to be thrown out a window but surviving because he landed in a pile of manure.
  • An upbeat song about tolerating people that you hate.
  • The invention of defenestration.
  • Farewell to Cheap Bots Done Quick.
  • Sharing a fun tweet.
  • Being technical enough to look at nested braces and know what that means.
  • Bots in Space.
  • Capcom vs. Everyone.
  • Temple of Apshai.
  • A text adventure except they couldn't fit any of the text on the floppy.
  • Action RPGs that demand you manage your stats and inventory on paper.
  • Solo D&D adventure books.
  • Dragon's on a Chip.
  • Video games that come with books that you need to read to play the game.
  • A thick boy, full of lore.
  • The philosophy of city planning.
  • What is an Earth for?
  • Tunic.
  • What StarTropics did with the letter.
  • Sentinel Worlds One: Future Magic.
  • [See paragraph 3.]
  • 1980s computer game copy protection.
  • Bringing the Shenzhen I/O manual to work to study it on the job.
  • Why the main campaign in Shenzhen I/O is so much better than the bonus campaign.
  • Keeping an ideal facial structure fixed in your mind for years.
  • Musical mumbling.
  • Songs that are just a Shower Thoughts post.
  • The long-term discipline of adjusting your facial features over time.
  • Thinking about wider, thinner lips during the instrumental breakdown.
  • Trying to save SACD albums.
  • The Depths.
  • Sharing your location precisely.
  • There are four places: go to them.
  • The Ghost King Rauru.
  • The Calamity Ganon Calamity.
  • A dragon with really weird exaggerated eyelashes that you can run around on.
  • Giving up on horses.
  • Unique items of dubious usefulness.
  • Okay boomer, it's called a Purah Pad now.
  • Finding a tiny rock to jump off of to go into bullet time.
  • The two-fan hoverbike.
  • Skating around atop frozen gourmet meat.
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