159. It's Beautiful That We Once Existed


November 7th, 2022

1 hr 6 mins 47 secs

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  • Mic on, pants off.
  • The inherent meaningless of "limited editions" in a finite universe ultimately bound for a slow heat death.
  • Vinyl record Easter eggs.
  • A big ol' spiral cut into the vinyl.
  • Limited characteristics of a physical process.
  • Mental models of what it means to master an album.
  • Novelty vinyl colors.
  • Jim's burgeoning record collection.
  • The most glorious twenty minute act of art terrorism.
  • Losing access to your old memories because your brain changed formats.
  • How to erase medical debt by just not paying it.
  • Borrowing money from your toddler.
  • Spark: the revolution of exercise or some other subtitle.
  • Mollusks eating their own nervous systems.
  • Eating your own childhood to launch yourself into adulthood.
  • Upping the emotional stakes with large animals and near-death experiences.
  • Putting your girlfriend in mortal danger so that she's more likely to want to marry you.
  • Getting pigeonholed as a really good butt.
  • Getting surgically separated so you can disguise yourself as two kids in a trench coat.
  • The hemispheres of the brain as independent entities which happen to share a body.
  • Lumps of biology.
  • Every person's unique inability to speak to other people's interiority.
  • Walkie-talkie telepathy vs. "perfect mutual understanding" telepathy.
  • One mind with two faces.
  • Superhuman limb/vocal cord coordination.
  • Segue Week.
  • Burroughs cut-ups.
  • Vigorous grandparenting with a face of terror.
  • A modern-day television quiz show phoenix.
  • The impenetrable free-form rhymes of a heart attack in October.
  • The greets.
  • Tracker music instrument names as cut-up poetry generators.
  • Super Obituaries!
  • The potentially transformative effect of reading your own obituary.
  • The perverse incentives behind soliciting reviews of unfinished games.
  • The awesome power of knowing that your feedback will be considered.
  • The neighbor who only listens to Rod Stewart's Greatest Hits over and over again.
  • Listening to entire albums until you're so sick of them that you underflow and love them again.
  • The song you have to listen to to get to Roxette's It Must Have Been Love.
  • Bad podcast ideas.
  • Novelty t-shirts whose joke is only funny once, but you still wear it once a week
  • The shirt with the Fight Club and the cognitive science reference on it.
  • Shirts/tattoos as pop culture dog whistles.
  • Getting a tattoo of the Colossus' weak points so that you can meet the people who stab you there.
  • Naming your game's public alpha something innocent so it doesn't arouse suspicion when your friends see you playing it.
  • The hazards of wearing a shirt promoting a pop culture reference you know nothing about.
  • Wearing a shirt that makes people try to talk to you about a video game you've never played.
  • All the people you disappointed in high school.
  • NPCs in Thief Deadly Shadows talking about how hard it is to get a job making games.
  • A bright future where nobody can make a living making video games.
  • A bright future where AIs curate collections of AI-generated content.
  • A case for the 1991 film "Super Mario Brothers" as the pinnacle of entertainment.
  • Charles Martinet doing the Mario voice as he leaps to his death from a roof in "The Game."
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