216. I Forget What We Do But We're About To Do It


December 11th, 2023

1 hr 13 mins 42 secs

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  • Tyriq
  • Jay



  • Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream.
  • Washing the ice cream off of the cookie dough ice cream and baking cookies.
  • Snacking dough.
  • Living on your own and owning silverware for the first time.
  • Losing a fork that they don't make any more and having mismatched forks forever.
  • A hodgepodge of styles.
  • Different spaces each with their own internal consistency.
  • Going to your ex-roommate's Halloween party as a guest for the first time.
  • Parties that you can leave.
  • Finding out you were right about what you thought you'd like.
  • Moving house in an hour.
  • Your kid banging on the keyboard to write nonsense messages in discord but he forgets to hit enter to send so you have to do it for him.
  • Teaching kids to read by giving them a Kindle tablet.
  • Typing "stop" fifty times in notepad.
  • Dell Rugged.
  • What Mavis Beacon is up to nowadays.
  • Computers as the exciting future vs. computers as the boring shitty present.
  • Getting a laptop without a touch screen so your kid can learn to use the mouse.
  • Different ways to not understand folders.
  • Whether the problem is that Gen Z doesn't know what a folder is or whether it's that they sometimes still need to know what a folder is.
  • Apps that appear to be native apps but they're secretly running in a web browser.
  • Coming into possession of a child.
  • An overworld where you can walk in 8 directions and bump into NPCs.
  • Boots Quest.
  • Auto Shooting Survival.
  • Roguelike Turn-Based Auto Shooting Survival.
  • Mini Yoto.
  • Using the insert key on purpose.
  • The Jay's Wife of Scroll Lock.
  • The two Smush tracks on the Hypnospace Outlaw soundtrack.
  • Why there are separate shift and caps lock keys but no separate toggle insert and hold to insert keys.
  • Sticky Keys.
  • Caps lock keys that physically toggle.
  • Toon Boom Harmony and other way too expensive subscription software.
  • Can't draw can't see pencil in toon boom reddit
  • Lock the taskbar, lock the taskbar.
  • The pros and cons of different start menu orientations.
  • Getting kissed in the vegetable aisle, so to speak.
  • Talking about dungeons and dragons and getting something slightly wrong about dungeons or dragons.
  • The laws of physics preventing you from kidding boys.
  • On the one hand growing up as a trans poet in Arizona. On the other, drinking a whole lot of strawberry kiwi kombucha.
  • Four out of five stars for inventing an extremely dry mouth.
  • A dry, scratchy, sandpaper cat tongue.
  • A song about a ghost eating toast.
  • Watching your kid watch things.
  • Where to put video content on the internet.
  • Ideas that are occluded by ideas that are better search-engine optimized.
  • Whether librarians are scarier in Germany.
  • Combining three people with social anxiety to make one really big person with social anxiety.
  • Fixing kids software for 100 people because it's too hard to fix it for the whole world.
  • X for Extreme.
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