215. Taffy Arbitrage Tips


December 4th, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 18 secs

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  • Ben
  • JohnB



  • Fellow Traveler.
  • Citizen Sleeper: at least one person's game of the year.
  • State fair taffy.
  • Where to find seasonal taffy bargains.
  • Terrifying taffy flavors.
  • Single game LCD handhelds.
  • Gunplay Yokoi.
  • Withered technology.
  • The RC car that can only turn left because right was cut for scope.
  • Games where things are bouncing across the screen.
  • Tiger Electronics Double Dragon.
  • The earliest, most boring Game and Watch game.
  • A fun clock that's fun to watch.
  • Putting your face as the juggler in Ball for the Game Boy Camera.
  • What they did before d-pads.
  • A Print the Legend situation.
  • Mario Bros II for the Commodore 64.
  • Porting Game and Watch games to card stock.
  • Releasing a floppy disk reader for the Game Boy Advance in 2023.
  • Mario's Bombs Away, in Panorama Vision.
  • Moving slower the more gold you're carrying.
  • Toad walking across a bunch of seagulls.
  • Trying to get 16 player Faceball up and running.
  • The Burger King vs. Hungry Jack's era.
  • The Lost Lost Levels.
  • The most polite pumpkin head person you've ever met.
  • Inventing a new Halloween that happens the first weekend after Halloween so you can get candy at a discount.
  • Implicating the viewers in your terrible horror movie marathon.
  • Terrifying cakes with spooky words on them like "mortgage"
  • Tammy and the T-Rex.
  • A spooky guy in a helmet who races people in his car (and kills them)
  • Putting pieces of Stonehenge into circuitry to make children's faces turn into bugs.
  • A movie about a cat that vomits up another cat.
  • A very spooky four dollar pumpkin man.
  • Neglecting upkeep on your house for thirty years to celebrate Halloween.
  • Novemberween every Sunday.
  • How to celebrate Labor Day.
  • Rotating a square mattress 90 degrees.
  • Going into the mattress store and unrolling the amount of mattress you want from the spool and getting it cut to order.
  • Alternate reality How It's Made videos.
  • The Manchester Department.
  • Super Passive Aggressive Xenomorph Roommate Irritation Simulator.
  • Rolling the dice to determine which side of the cube mattress you're sleeping on tonight.
  • Rotating the tires on your racecar bed.
  • Asking the cat for poem opinions.
  • Sometimes the sun is just the sun. (Not this time though – it's David Bowie.)
  • Plugs within plugs.
  • All the different games named "Spider-Man 2"
  • Using your Spider Radar to track down the next objective.
  • A video game where you go on a holiday to Greece and stab a bunch of people.
  • The distressing absence of Mario Odyssey 2.
  • Finally, a Super Mario game you can finish without hating yourself.
  • A grown-up with adult things to do, like cooking bacon and receiving mail.
  • The Trophy Seller in Nier Automata.
  • Kosmology Hungry Jack.
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