217. Rotate Your Plate Breakage


December 18th, 2023

1 hr 7 mins

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  • Maxx
  • Nick



  • Instead of giving someone a business card, stamping your information on them so they have to call you before they take a shower.
  • Where's George?
  • George isn't here. George was never here.
  • Canadians looking forward to when they can walk around with King Charles' face in their pocket.
  • Giving the barista a coupla chucks for a cup of coffee.
  • Money with RadarSat on it.
  • inaturalist dot org.
  • Taking a photo of a weird plant with a weird seed pod.
  • The fantasy of collecting information.
  • The game where you try to name every street in San Francisco.
  • Running all the streets in your city over the course of a decade.
  • Games Genie.
  • Lexicographic Ordering and Time Travel.
  • A sanctioned topic. (It's on the list.)
  • Wario Ware presenting you with a full sized crossword and giving you six seconds to solve it.
  • A fun little histogram.
  • Finally implementing the letter T.
  • Doing the crossword on paper and making your daughter enter your answers into the app.
  • Will Shortz coming out of his orb to carry out a hit on a competing puzzle.
  • Fugue Orbs.
  • Comparing the interface design of Connections and Red Herring.
  • Things Relating to Wonder Woman.
  • Extremely well SEO'd pestilences.
  • Arranging your dinner plates in a stack vs. in a queue.
  • Using all your plates evenly so they all break at the same time.
  • Rotating the Stock.
  • The dangers of Low-Sodium Perpetual Stew.
  • Default plates from the food service factory.
  • Airplane boarding algorithms and how to convince everyone in the terminal to follow yours.
  • Plates that are made for using.
  • A whole Jefferson, in your Republic dollars.
  • The urge to queue.
  • Lanesplitting your backpack.
  • History: it's a lot older than we think
  • Ancient cash registers.
  • Pranksters organizing the topic bucket.
  • How many museums deep are we?
  • The human wife.
  • Efficient.. Successful. Human.
  • Top five lists of your life.
  • How small a flavoring agent has to be to be considered a spice.
  • A twelve foot tall statue of either Zeus or Poseidon.
  • Myth- and Nationhood- Making.
  • A museum where you can feel wood cut with various tools.
  • Hearing about a cool metalworking museum but fixating on how the bathroom works.
  • Cool Bathroom Ghost.
  • The toilet commenting on your performance.
  • Piping bookshop noises into your bathroom.
  • Robert Stack's Solved Mysteries.
  • Being sad and trying to have a good sadness.
  • Michael Brough talking about his design process.
  • Fun exercise vs. shitty boring exercise.
  • What to do about the world ending.
  • Driving in circles around the McDonald's drive-thru ordering more and more coffee until they catch on.
  • Telling a joke on Twitter and an archaeologist getting it 1000 years from now.
  • The world's oldest joke.
  • A fart joke from 1900 BCE.
  • Reconstructive historical linguistics.
  • The linguistics of swearing and taboo.
  • Eater of bees.
  • Top five stanzas.
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