194. How Good It Was, To Have A Toe


July 10th, 2023

1 hr 19 mins 15 secs

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  • Danny
  • Danny



  • Which Danny should go first.
  • The Noclip Archive.
  • Night Brunch.
  • Plugging before demonstrating your plugworthiness.
  • Whatever happened to MySpace.
  • The gnarliest weirdest thing you can get away with.
  • Stop making weird things!
  • Feeling passionately about individual words without considering their actual message.
  • Writing lyrics by stringing together abstract vowel sounds and then filling in the rest of the word later.
  • The native language of rock and roll.
  • Prisencolinensinainciusol.
  • Irish rap.
  • All the ways music is redundant.
  • A very inefficient way to communicate factual information.
  • The Mentos jingle.
  • Spoonman: a famous guy who played the spoons.
  • Music's ability to convey ideas that shouldn't be conveyed.
  • Teaching kids to love it.
  • What's perfect about a perfect fifth.
  • Music theory homework that calls it a "perfect unison."
  • Lydian to Locrian.
  • An extremely popular nostalgic songwriting device.
  • Trying to bring up topics out in the wild.
  • Even majorer then major.
  • What it means to be far from A.
  • A thing that happened on Public Access TV in San Diego.
  • Keyjazzing.
  • Weirdos making weirdo outsider art.
  • The tradition of using an Amiga 500 as a musical instrument.
  • Watching a musical performance by looking at the back of the performer's head.
  • Something to watch.
  • Economy of movement.
  • Playing drums so as to take up the most possible space.
  • The kind of singing that the Rock Band scoring system encourages.
  • Pre-singing the note so you're getting points as soon as the note starts.
  • Smutty poetry.
  • Whether singer songwriters have parentheses.
  • The Diamond Fleece.
  • Whether liquefaction is a Bay Area word.
  • Brave Vibrations.
  • What people thought was sexy in the 1600s.
  • Talking about a topic because people can hear you.
  • The 80s-90s thing of saying "as if"
  • America's Whitest City.
  • A phrase that Zoomers use to mean that they don't believe what they just said.
  • Investigating the Cool S for ten years.
  • Finding the Cool S in ancient Sumeria.
  • People in Latvia who don't know who Marilyn Manson is but they know he had a rib surgically removed.
  • The first celebrity.
  • Increasing numbers of celebrities.
  • Industrialized celebrity.
  • Adopting a future grief machine.
  • Practicing grief.
  • Several generations of digital fish.
  • Trugoy the Dove.
  • Disembodied consciousnesses living on a Dyson Sphere simulating Tina Turner's music.
  • Downsides of everyone living forever.
  • This is a mistake. (Here I go.)
  • Pre-dead.
  • Questions that will not be answered on this show because they are not topics.
  • Fish swimming in the background of someone's Zoom call.
  • What a time to not want to be alive!
  • Doing squats so you can get out of a chair.
  • Maximizing broken limbs while minimizing brain trauma.
  • Renaming Potomac Computer Systems to Epic Megagames.
  • ZZT: an Epic Game Store exclusive.
  • Caverns of Kroz.
  • An Amiga platformer sponsored by Chupa-Chups.
  • Retro Achievements.
  • Modding emulators to add achievements to old games.
  • Adding achievements to the Fairchild Channel F.
  • Achievements as a ludological device.
  • Assigning a point value to all the things your lizard brain needs an extra incentive for.
  • Citizen Game.
  • A game design trope that can be deployed with taste or not.
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