195. Persian Castle Day At The Climbing Gym


July 17th, 2023

52 mins 5 secs

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  • Alexicographic
  • Kev



  • Streaming daily.
  • The Tears of the Kingdom thread in the Topic Lords discord.
  • A rigid self-conception as someone who does not like sports.
  • Roller derby.
  • Whether skateboarding is a sport.
  • Going fast and shoving past people.
  • An athletic endeavor.
  • How much hockey fights feed back into the actual game.
  • Baseball nerds.
  • Chart Party.
  • Storytelling using data.
  • The Bob Emergency.
  • Seven Bobs left, and they're all aged.
  • Who was the top Bob?
  • East Bay Bike Party.
  • Floyd Rose Bridge Valves.
  • Figuring out how to make video games without involving Bay Area salaries.
  • Persian Castle Day at the climbing gym.
  • Taking the leather jacket that your drug dealer OD'd in.
  • Signing the bathroom guest book every time you poop at your grandma's house.
  • Schwarzenegger DNA on eBay.
  • The Clothes People Have Died In line at Value Village.
  • This Shirt Will Kill You.
  • A detailed cosmology of how hauntings work.
  • Ghosts of people who are still alive, following you around and asking for their hat back.
  • Taco Shop Guacamole.
  • A completely different foodstuff from what you were accustomed to.
  • Wet Burritos.
  • Airport Head.
  • A 3 oz container of guacamole that the TSA will allow on the plane.
  • Burrito night at the Stormdancer household.
  • Lulus and Cakes.
  • Spheroids.
  • Baseball Hagiography.
  • A Quora reply from three years ago.
  • Searching for cake and Google asking you to prove that you're not a robot.
  • Bethlehem slang from 1888.
  • Vtuber tooling.
  • Picking a punishment for yourself that you already want to do.
  • Animated fish backgrounds.
  • A more compatible CUDA API.
  • Mixtapes of TV episodes and video game levels.
  • Someone's top ten list of Star Trek episodes.
  • What the kids call Cliff's Notes.
  • The skill of understanding someone else's taste.
  • These are the songs that I love, perhaps you will also love them and if so we could fall in love.
  • Exchanging Spotify playlists because that's what we have now instead of mixtapes.
  • Trying to get into Homestuck via Problem Sleuth.
  • An 11 year old with the patience to wait a year to read Harry Potter book 2.
  • Phish Food.
  • Recording Topic Lords before lunch and getting a well-deserved burrito afterwards.
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