106. Hearses For Snakes


November 1st, 2021

1 hr 1 min 7 secs

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  • Shannon
  • Alex



  • Top ten dog features.
  • Top one dog feature.
  • The resident holiday specials expert.
  • One Cut of the Dead.
  • Opening the door and saying "hello!"
  • Maze season is upon us.
  • Eating your way out of the corn maze.
  • Laminating your corn maze so the corn doesn't blow over when it rains.
  • Topiary vs. Scarecrow.
  • The barrier that humanity doesn't realize it can cross until it's across the threshold.
  • Building a maze out of "employees only" and "wet floor" signs so nobody even realizes they're in a maze.
  • How to ethically put someone in a room escape situation without getting their informed consent first.
  • Whether Dustin has teeth yet.
  • The best maze material is the social contract.
  • Pepper's Ghost.
  • Bone Chillers 2.
  • Projecting animated ghost pirates rear projected onto your window.
  • An actual live human Pepper's Ghost and whether that ghost sees us as the ghosts.
  • Interactive ghosts.
  • Turtle Talk.
  • Wanting to spend all day pretending to be a skeleton.
  • Dave Mustaine's terrifying sleeping injury.
  • Saturday Night Palsy.
  • Losing feeling in your fingers because you carried groceries too much.
  • Taking law school exams without any feeling in your fingers.
  • Disrupting ambulances by taking an Uber to the hospital.
  • Keeping a big basket of Epipens and Narcan in your cab, just in case.
  • Whether they give you another one if you use your Epipen on someone else.
  • Chatting with a doctor online and they ask you your favorite kind of beans and then they're like "oh yeah you definitely need Narcan" and write you a prescription.
  • Getting your Narcan certification and treating every human interaction as an opportunity to deploy your Narcan.
  • Mr. Zombie.
  • Rob Zombie doing the "What is Love" head bob in his Dragula.
  • Withholding the Dragula for most of the music video, like how they didn't show the shark for most of Jaws.
  • Extremely tall guitars.
  • A tiki head spray painted silver.
  • T-posing Rob Zombie singing at the ceiling.
  • A woman who is in this music video to not wear a lot of clothes
  • Ghost Dad playing keytar in the back.
  • The most adorable Rob Zombie.
  • The origin of the silver headed tiki robot.
  • The silver headed tiki robot doing a high kick.
  • Watching the music video for Dragula and then excitedly searching Craigslist for hearses.
  • A hearse with a tramp stamp.
  • The two happiest days you'll ever have with your hearse.
  • hearsehub.com
  • Local rug artists.
  • The kind of person who would think it's fun to role play a Spirit Halloween employee.
  • Coronavirus is transforming the death care industry, according to Funeral and Cemetery News on hearsehub.com.
  • Getting a hearse long enough to be pulled by a mini dachshund.
  • Logrolling the snake coffin over a series of snake pallbearers.
  • Crowdsurfing for Snakes.
  • A guy dressed up like Pokemon Go for Halloween where you spin his helmet to dispense a Pokeball and then throw the Pokeball at Pokemon that are also part of the costume.
  • Reverse trick or treating.
  • Setting up a haunted maze in the front yard of every house you trick or treat at and when nobody answers you have to just wait for them to get home because dang it you spend half an hour setting up the maze.
  • Kill or Queen?
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