210. Good Ideas For Sam Barlow


October 30th, 2023

1 hr 13 mins 43 secs

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  • British food is good, actually
  • Really enjoying programming in MonoGame (and stop motion animation)
  • Lightswitch abstraction limit
  • Un petit d'un petit
  • The Old Timey Computer Show
  • Trying to get your friends to play a game that sucks to learn
  • Winston has discovered that the ending of a story is usually the most exciting part, so he doesn't want to watch whole movies any more, just the last twenty minutes of each


  • Moonstone Island.
  • A tiny fox in a big world.
  • Cherry blues.
  • Something within your culture that is awful and bad.
  • Whatever can grow in the wet and dark. (Potatoes.)
  • Cool Whip based salads.
  • Yorkshire pudding. (The fluffy one.)
  • The non-spicy gravies.
  • J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's roast potato recipe.
  • Lamb going with mint and pork going with applesauce.
  • How to eat Vegemite or Marmite.
  • A man at the end of the table whose entire job is to carve meat for you.
  • A place to take your picky grandma to eat.
  • Bodega cats and bodega kids.
  • Doing stop motion animation as a goof.
  • The fun part of Dunning Krueger.
  • Doing a magic trick without knowing how the trick works and amazing yourself.
  • Leaning into the good times.
  • Accidentally getting good at an employable skill.
  • Flailing at the wall until the light switches are in the right position.
  • Off: just a different kind of on.
  • Doing your first pull request.
  • The fountain pen of the version control ecology.
  • Getting a bunch of little plant men to turn the lights on and off for me.
  • Poetry written in nonsensical French that is homophonic with English nursery rhymes.
  • An entire book for a very specific kind of nerd to have a sensible chuckle.
  • Allowing yourself one E, as a mistake.
  • A joke written back when people knew what am omnibus was.
  • Vintages footage from 1980s computer shows.
  • Dousing CD-Rs.
  • The Free Cake and Donuts Half-Hour.
  • Getting as many 35+ computer dorks as you can under a box before you pull the string.
  • Making two children fight each other on the British equivalent of Crash Bandicoot.
  • A policeman on a unicycle.
  • The imagined experience of programming the ZX Spectrum.
  • The other Cambridge.
  • Mac PCs.
  • The Oliver Twins.
  • Turning on all the shaders to make your programmer art look good.
  • Finding three extra Dizzy games in the attic.
  • Trying to tell your friends about a family tradition and while you're telling them you realize how messed up it is.
  • A pile of 500 cards that should really be a computer game instead.
  • A rule where every time you play a card you have to sigh a little bit.
  • A game where you torture your friends.
  • A food with the letter E in it.
  • Trying to have fun despite your friend who is making you play the game.
  • Have you guys heard about conclusions?
  • A bunch of stuff happening and then there's a riddle.
  • The Go Left Problem.
  • When games have secrets.
  • Pushing at the edges of a game and the game pops up a dialog saying "I noticed you pushing at my edges."
  • A password named "Susan."
  • A DVD where every interface to start the movie starts it at chapter 2 and chapter 1 is a secret.
  • Reading just the last word of a book.
  • Watching the first episode and the last episode of a sitcom and trying to guess which actors missing from the last episode died and which went to prison.
  • How to find your Mastodon name.
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