209. Do Caterpillars Anticipate?


October 23rd, 2023

1 hr 20 mins 45 secs

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  • Will
  • Chris



  • Soda Drinker Pro for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • Finding someone to port your game to NES via LinkedIn.
  • The Vivian Clark Experience.
  • Making certain contortions slightly easier.
  • Rock climbing. (Not a topic.)
  • The Phantom Lapboard.
  • The Only Viable Product. (OVP.)
  • What if you could mouse and keyboard on the couch?
  • Growing up in a canoe family.
  • Paddling vs. rowing.
  • Carbon fiber paddles for canoe racing.
  • Waterwalker by Bill Mason.
  • Your favorite memories of a kayak.
  • Waking up in your kayak to see a snapping turtle staring at you.
  • Floating up and wiggling all over the place.
  • Kayaking to lunch from your office.
  • Living in a ski cabin and your office is at the bottom of the mountain.
  • Living at a Lagrange point and your office is at the bottom of the zipline.
  • Boston Unity Knights.
  • Doing a game jam every month for four years.
  • Knowing enough people in your field that you no longer need to network.
  • Five really worthy zero-hour games.
  • Making a therapeutic horror game.
  • Going to a terrifying party in an abandoned train tunnel and finding a burned-out police car.
  • Questionable poisonous air filled with unknown tunnel organisms.
  • Doing mouth stuff in VR.
  • Making the soda line up with your mouth.
  • The Ferris Bueller water drop noise.
  • The thing where you play a blade of grass like a reed instrument.
  • Cheek-flapping noises.
  • Magic tricks vs. Party Tricks.
  • Inhaler magic.
  • Twenty levels of spinning pens.
  • A different horrible knife game.
  • A game about chopping off fingers named "Chop the Finger."
  • Shooting arrows in the air while your friend run away.
  • The keyboard shortcut for finding someone to port your game to NES.
  • A web site where you endorse people as thought leaders.
  • Entering the LinkedIn cheat code on Xbox 360.
  • Porting your video game to a robotic arm.
  • Making it move when you think about it.
  • Uzi Nissan v. Nissan Motors.
  • It can happen to you or someone you know!
  • Picturing conceptual rabbit holes in your head.
  • Sylvester Stallone's Mom's web site.
  • Sylvester Stallone's mom doing palm readings of your ass.
  • All our favorite apps, such as buffalo wings and boneless spare ribs.
  • Thinking about a cricket's interiority.
  • Putting some nature in your poem.
  • Using cricket noises to tell what temperature it is.
  • Having the same number of wings you've always had.
  • Do any bugs make a plan.
  • Leaving "I gave up" pheromones
  • Leaving a map of a physical space in the space.
  • Sizable ants.
  • Fewer scorpions than you'd expect.
  • Putting a bug into your awareness.
  • Pseudoscorpions hanging out on old stuff.
  • Little guys in random places very occasionally.
  • Zombies going to Whole Foods.
  • Going quiescent until a dude walks by with a tasty-looking scalp.
  • Painting a brain on your helmet to fool the zombies.
  • A short-hair wig taped to your grandfather's basketball.
  • Dropping your scalp like a lizard tail and the zombie shakes your scalp back and forth in its teeth.
  • An analyst commissioned by a think tank to write a book explicating how to deal with the zombie apocalypse.
  • Sound Reading Trainer.
  • Having a bunch of magic props that you never show anyone how to use.
  • The casino OJ got arrested at.
  • Tommy Wonder.
  • Reviewing a product on YouTube without ever showing it or saying what it does.
  • How stage hypnosis works.
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