211. Window-Peering Jim Checking Out Your Cats


November 6th, 2023

1 hr 4 mins 19 secs

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  • The Be Real App.
  • Posting your mortifying skin condition for all the internet to see.
  • Being born.
  • The Dance Dance Revolution song "20,November," by Earth Wind and Fire.
  • PiCoSteveMo.
  • Tossing around hastily drawn concept art with your team.
  • Being born, again.
  • Having a kid for someone else.
  • Eating cigarettes off of the sidewalk.
  • A grab bag of thousands of possible pregnancy symptoms.
  • Literacy as a symptom of pregnancy.
  • A visceral reminder that you are part of a long chain of humans.
  • Which came first, humans or birth?
  • The comfort of the humans who are still around having individual experiences even after you die.
  • Tips n Tricks for dealing with fear of death.
  • Inviting dead people onto the show.
  • Asking for more pro-death art so you can feel better about death.
  • Pro-life, in the literal sense.
  • Flowers and mushrooms growing up through the bones.
  • Returning to the universe to nurture it.
  • Dumb Ways to Die.
  • Sum: 40 Tales from the Afterlives.
  • Thought experiments about something weird that could happen.
  • The Egg by Andy Weir.
  • Covering birth and death in the same topic.
  • Looking at photos of yourself from five years ago and thinking "oh shit!"
  • I am choosing to no longer have conscious experience, mom. You wouldn't understand, mom.
  • Swedish with a mouthful of potatoes.
  • Dogme 95.
  • Enpoopification.
  • A protocol for exchanging information on a computer.
  • Rewinding to a kinder, simpler web.
  • Avoiding all this gestures at the world
  • New rule: no web servers more powerful than a Raspberry Pi.
  • The cool thing that was on the web in the mid-90s.
  • Making art and putting it on the internet and getting a fan base.
  • The teenage gamer comic series making a comic about prostate exams.
  • Sharding the internet.
  • El Goonish Shive.
  • Anime hammers that you do when someone is being a pervert.
  • Coming to personal revelations regarding your neurodivergence or gender situation.
  • How to be a successful artist.
  • Not knowing if your favorite webcomic had ads because you use an adblocker.
  • Working at your parents animation studio as an inbetweener.
  • Merging your cats into one cat.
  • Neighborhood coyotes.
  • Cats beyond the reach of fear.
  • Window-peering Jim: he's just checking out your remodel.
  • Putting a GoPro on your neighbor's cat and livestreaming the inside of their house.
  • Cats with amazing life stories that they'll never tell you.
  • The consort of coffee grounds.
  • Making shepherd's pie for an entire hamlet.
  • A possibly accidental double line break.
  • A line break corresponding to a conceptual boundary.
  • The Story of Mel: a Real Programmer.
  • Adding left angle brackets to the start of every line until word wrap makes it a poem.
  • Blackout poetry.
  • Pumping gas as an element of Cottagecore.
  • A hamlet is just a city in New Jersey.
  • The fireworks on your forehead game.
  • A game where everyone stops talking.
  • The Yelling Game.
  • A dedicated period of yelling.
  • Space-themed trick taking games.
  • The Spaceteam card game.
  • Coming up with a set of place names that sound like they're from the same culture.
  • Assigning syllable groups to a morpheme.
  • Asking Claude.
  • Interpolating the obvious things.
  • The Sonority Hierarchy.
  • A gradient from less vowel-like to more vowel-like.
  • Cursed Conlangs.
  • Generating syllables and mushing them together.
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