131. GDC Santa Rides Again


April 25th, 2022

1 hr 7 mins 20 secs

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  • Wanting to learn to program and moving to Maine.
  • Learning to program by implementing a meticulous copy of Metroid for the NES.
  • Choosing to live a life that feels like an anime training montage.
  • How to learn to program while having kids.
  • Radical content for radical gamers.
  • Having one's mind blown by works of art, as one does.
  • The "stone soup bubblegum and baling wire everything went wrong" method of making art.
  • What happens when the plan makes contact with the enemy.
  • Writing a film with the magic of wintertime as a core theme and not being able to get the permit to film until spring.
  • Iterating on your idea with insights you've gleaned from working on your idea.
  • Ascertaining the recoverability of any given error.
  • The kind of disaster that happens when a culture accustomed to low-cost-error problems tries to work on high-cost-error problems.
  • Improvising bridges.
  • Programming vs. the disciplined engineering fields.
  • The pros and cons of storing a bunch of elephants on the roof.
  • The user experience of death.
  • Digital ghosts on LinkedIn.
  • Logging in to LinkedIn for the first time in eight years and getting a bunch of IMs from a friend who died six years ago.
  • Dealing with your dead friend's estate and having to close out all the relationships they were maintaining on OkCupid.
  • Thanatechnologies.
  • The human events taking place on a separate flow of time than internet time.
  • Slug World.
  • A human brain computer interaction conference at Noisebridge.
  • alt.ctrl.GDC
  • Spending all of GDC on the lawn.
  • A GDC talk except instead of talking to an auditorium full of 500 people, you're talking to a hotel room full of five people.
  • The Unconference Phenomenon.
  • Substance-to-fluff ratios.
  • Your three GDC lives.
  • Going to the talks where they talk about the stuff we're doing to figure out how we can do our stuff better.
  • The ascended platonic GDC.
  • Getting all Dunbar's Numbered-out and spending all your time talking to people you know.
  • Showing your game at a conference to increase the odds that one of the seven people at Sony who can get your game into the Spring Fever promotion will walk by and notice you.
  • Making a leveraged play on your charisma and luck stats.
  • GDC Santa with the sack of boxed copies of Glittermitten Grove.
  • A map of TXT World stitched together out of screenshots, like in the good old days.
  • A greybeard coming out of the woodwork to admire your ANSI art map.
  • Disrespecting the expo.
  • Realizing that somebody is about to ask you how your GDC is going and getting the drop on them by asking how their GDC is going first.
  • Katie hauling off and gassing you up.
  • The hazards of being Jim Stormdancer.
  • A reward for not loving the death of the ugly and even the dangerous.
  • The tangled underworld of your socks.
  • Pretending to not be afraid of spiders because you don't want your son to be afraid of spiders.
  • Growing up with rhino beetles in Liberia.
  • Hog snakes.
  • The extremely specific feeling of a desperate beetle clinging to your pruny fingertip.
  • Formative bug experiences.
  • Millions of termites growing wings to do their big ol' termite sex party.
  • Sweeping up all the termites who are taking a nap after mating season to fry in palm oil as a special treat.
  • The morning where the entire town is covered in bugs which sucks but you get to eat them which rules.
  • Reminiscing about which body parts of a termite are saltiest.
  • Getting accustomed to eating termites by the time you get to the bottom of the bag.
  • Left-handed zippers.
  • Trying to use the wrong scissors and assuming that you have some kind of developmental problem.
  • The Uniball Jetstream Rollerball, with a pressurized ink reservoir.
  • The prince who was promised.
  • Fretting with your dominant hand.
  • Picking a specific guitar string at speed.
  • Whether handedness exists.
  • Drawing with gross motor movements.
  • Left-handed mugs.
  • Left-handed drums vs. open-handed drums.
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