132. A Miserable Pile Of Knuckles


May 2nd, 2022

50 mins 54 secs

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  • Jenni, she slash her.
  • A poem that could've been an email.
  • OST Jam.
  • If every time you were in a room there was someone else in the room doing the game thing you were doing.
  • Just trying to enjoy a leisurely video game when suddenly a co-op partner shows up and starts getting impatient with you.
  • Animals but wet.
  • Animals but they are in the ocean and don't have legs so they can't kick butt.
  • The duality of having legs.
  • The many-faceted world butt.
  • Try fish: you're welcome.
  • Becoming deeply involved in the design and production of novelty clown statues.
  • Who's this unsold clown?
  • Whether the prenup addresses any of the potential clown situations.
  • How many clowns could fit in a bed and breakfast.
  • Monogrammed businessclowns.
  • How to buy yourself a Lordy.
  • Sending unsolicited clowns in the mail.
  • Stacking the clowns until you can ascend to clown heaven.
  • Cleaning help and support for neurodivergent people to clean our filthy filthy houses.
  • The act of living in a house and putting things in places.
  • Keeping your silverware in the freezer.
  • A house where the forks turn into spoons.
  • A basket for clothes that are not so dirty that they need to be washed immediately.
  • Food that is technically rotten but not so rotten that you can't eat it.
  • The room in your house where the gravity is lower and you float.
  • Holding a phone up to your face like a taco.
  • Hundreds of pictures of people holding weird shit up to their heads.
  • Why all the women are at the end of the page.
  • Announcing a new consumer electronics device by submitting it to sidetalkin.com.
  • Side-snorin'.
  • A fun web site for if you want to look at objects.
  • A pregnant woman with her belly painted to look like your face.
  • Copying all the worst aspects of the Virtual Boy.
  • Whether you want to download jivetalkin.midi.
  • A poem shaped like something.
  • Updo bleak curious quiet.
  • Desert thumbs.
  • Rather pale pagasus.
  • A poem that generates its own blurb.
  • The entire front edge of the pegasus.
  • Why so political, pagasus?
  • Any thumb you want it to be.
  • Defining a thumb by its oppositionality.
  • Rooting for and with the thumb.
  • Your boomer aunt who has a really specific idea of gender roles.
  • Disrupting your toothbrush.
  • Your beaver farm where the underwear comes down the chute and you feed the underwear to the beavers and put the beavers in the juicer and sell the beaver juice to Lenny who gives you gems you can use to play Scrabble but you only get so many tiles per minute unless you're willing to sit and tap video ads, and whether that's a paradigm shift.
  • Willingness to think through processes and systems.
  • A shmup where you control a whale research vessel.
  • Taking the one skill you have in this life and using it to create heavy handed, ineffective political satire.
  • Making an exit poll to find out what percentage of players actually learned something from your propaganda simulator game and what percentage just min-maxed the numbers because it was a fun puzzle.
  • What paradigm you're imagining shifting, exactly.
  • Every game developer's cottage-core retirement fantasy.
  • Making video games without ever talking to anyone on Twitter.
  • Who's the beardy guy dot com.
  • Scrolling through pictures of beardy guys until you find the right one.
  • Jugger.
  • Carrying the macguffin into your opponent's goal.
  • Arcane rules about who's allowed to touch the dog skull and when.
  • The global governing body in charge of the rules of Discs of Tron.
  • The schism in the Jugger community.
  • Teaching a three year old chess boxing.
  • Snapdragon.
  • Taking turns grabbing raisins of a flaming bowl of brandy.
  • Tucking a clove into one of the raisins and whoever grabs that raisin out of the bowl of flaming brandy gets to stop reaching into the bowl of flaming brandy.
  • Flaming tennis ball catch.
  • Calvin Ball, III.
  • The delicate balance of taking letters out of a username until you get to one that's not taken, before you get to names that are definitely taken because they're so short.
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