72. Gaseous Iron And The Hot Jupiters


March 8th, 2021

52 mins 53 secs

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  • Dora the Explorer and the City of Gold was a delightful surprise
  • We're about to land another rover on Mars and that is super way cool
    • Michelle: "Just clarifying that most discarded rocket stages don't end up in low-Earth orbit forever, they're designed to deorbit and burn up on atmospheric reentry. Sometimes things just go a bit awry."
  • Scratch-off Donkey Kong
  • Ville asks "Tangential to dishwasher salmon, there are multiple coffee maker cookbooks, including a Finnish one that includes recipes like lamb and carrots in balsamic dressing, and wild mushroom risotto."
  • Do you want to ask me stuff about exoplanets


  • Growing your own mushrooms.
  • Aliens growing out of your mycelium.
  • Growing your own toxic mushrooms from murder mushroom kits.
  • The incredible mushroom picking season that COVID facilitated.
  • One of those styrofoam boxes from the fruit shop.
  • When a teenager says "ok boomer" to you and you're like "dude I'm thirty."
  • Signing up for the free trial of Amazon Prime so you can watch the live action Dora the Explorer movie.
  • Looking at the camera and asking the viewer "Can you say 'deadly neurotoxin?'"
  • Accidentally getting boxed in a crate and sent to the jungle.
  • A CG animated fox voiced by Benicio del Toro.
  • The nerd character getting beaten up in the background as the protagonist walks away.
  • Singing the poo song and burying your poo with the poo shovel while everybody else is fleeing from the hail of arrows.
  • Why Diego exists. (Because American audiences couldn't handle boys watching a show about a girl.)
  • How to stop Swyper from swiping.
  • ABC, the Australian analog of the BBC.
  • Percy the Perseverance Robot.
  • Whether it would be more exciting for the Mars Rover to land safely or explode in a fireball.
  • How to transfer between two different orbits.
  • Making a beeline for Mars.
  • Attaching a broom to Perseverance to sweep the dust off of Opportunity's solar panels.
  • Returning a soil sample from Mars.
  • Returning a rock sample from an asteroid.
  • Not being able to tell the difference between water and just a different colored dirt.
  • Signs of ancient microbes.
  • Choosing which way you want Mario to go and then scratching off a silver oval to see what happens.
  • Choosable Path Adventures.
  • ChooseCo is preparing to sue you right now.
  • Writing the novelization of Super Mario Bros. when all you have for reference is the instruction manual.
  • Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf.
  • A story from Jim's youth.
  • A little cardboard door that you open to see if you won a prize.
  • How children were so starved for entertainment in the 80s that scratch off Donkey Kong seemed cool.
  • Shrinking down a full size comic to fit in a cereal box so you need to read it with a microscope.
  • Magazines that are printed with that red/blue 3D effect that doesn't quite work.
  • A sponge pen with reactive ink in it that you brush against the seemingly blank page to reveal clues.
  • How the "Yes & Know" invisible ink puzzle books have a completely different atrocious pun for a title in Australia, "Mr. Mystery."
  • Knowing your parents really like you if you get a Scrooge McDuck comic.
  • How to find a drip coffee maker in Australia.
  • Going to a McDonald's in the 1980s to try out your novelty lamb and carrots in the drip coffee maker recipe, because there's nowhere else to find a drip coffee maker in Australia.
  • Someone giving you a drip coffee machine as a gift and you're like "what the hell am I gonna do with this" and then you remember that wild mushroom risotto coffee machine recipe.
  • Comparing your "no and" current guest to the guest who tried microwaving Coca Cola during the episode.
  • An American lady on TikTok showing you all the wrong ways to make common British food.
  • The best exoplanet.
  • Eyeball planets.
  • Tidally locked planets possibly being habitable at The Terminator.
  • Using our scientific expertise to turn the moon into an eyeball.
  • Detecting exoplanets via periodic dimming of stars.
  • A weird little ice world.
  • An exoplanet named "Steve" that has wronged you in some way.
  • Exoplanet naming conventions.
  • Tasking Reddit with naming all 4,300 known exoplanets.
  • Hundreds of hypothetical dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt.
  • Taking a two year break from Twitter and feeling much better.
  • Rescuing greyhounds.
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