221. Fisher-Price My First Right Click Menu


January 15th, 2024

1 hr 12 mins 39 secs

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  • Chris
  • Alex



  • Lords of Topics.
  • Asking your mom if this Thanksgiving turkey is Frog Fractions 3.
  • Haiku Hero.
  • How to talk to the press.
  • An email from the guy who sent me the quirky thing from before.
  • The Last Biceps.
  • Filling your house with electronics that continuously ask you to do things.
  • How to interact with the Internet on an old un-updated computer.
  • Snap craft something or other.
  • Turning off Windows updates for over a year and nothing bad happens because security best practices are bullshit.
  • Visiting twinbeard.com to find out about the beads in Jim's ears.
  • Searching Google for the little balls in your ears.
  • Your phone popping up a window saying "you're a year and a half out of date, would you like to update?" and hitting the back button as fast as you can.
  • Windows updates adding AI functionality to MS Paint.
  • Making uneducated guesses about how someone else's code works.
  • Searching for a program on your computer and Windows gives you Bing results for that program's name.
  • A sneaky hacker man doing non lethal takedowns.
  • Making a complicated video game and then patching it into a completely different complicated video game after the guides have all been written.
  • Trying to explain to someone why the story of Half-Life is cool and realizing halfway through your explanation that it's not that cool actually.
  • Cool things that build immersion.
  • A guy saying "have a seat" and a contextual actionicon appearing over a chair.
  • Voluminous closets full of costumes for virtual dress-up.
  • Delivering exposition in cars.
  • All the weird things people will put on their body in the cyber future.
  • A fictional city halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • Recovering a stolen painting by showing a satellite.
  • A city with lots of neat stuff to do.
  • Querulous Friend's Advocate.
  • The Everyone Gets a Pony Initiative of 2023.
  • Filibustering people collecting signatures in front of the grocery store.
  • How much do you believe in the political causes you're promoting?
  • Watching your friend play games in a little window on your second monitor.
  • Mr. Feeny recording car AI voices.
  • Getting into World of Warcraft because you are stressed about starting a new job.
  • Level 1 Superman killing rats to collect 10 rat pelts.
  • Fun ways to fight crowds of mooks.
  • The things you see on your limbs when you see your limbs.
  • Replacing all the mirrors with cyber mirrors.
  • The doctor pulling out your cyber eyes and putting them in a drawer and all you can see is the inside of the drawer.
  • Lost games dev techniques such as palette swaps.
  • A screenshot of a book.
  • A poem painting a picture of a time and place.
  • Maybe Sam Pink.
  • Writing a bunch of messages to someone and making their phone vibrate every five seconds for a full minute.
  • Notification throttling.
  • Fanciful technological panaceas.
  • Ultra poetry where each line has animation and timing.
  • Making a word wiggle in a sine wave to indicate that it's a spooky ghost noise.
  • Poem Lords.
  • Seven poems on the itinerary. (But we'll only have time for three of them.)
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