220. An Oral History Of Men Riding Cats


January 8th, 2024

1 hr 8 mins

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  • That moment when the podcast ads don't play
  • Lobsang Rampa
  • I had a dream where I needed to recolor my teeth. Why don't video game character creators support this?
  • "I've Been Writing You A Poem," by Abby Denton
  • Cats you can ride, pre-He Man


  • Cyber Cafe.
  • Tiny Barbarian DX.
  • An exciting new way to give me money.
  • The gamut of barbarian sizes.
  • Learning the power of chat from Alan Partridge.
  • A podcast deciding that you're not worth advertising to.
  • Launching into the jokes and the fiending.
  • 99% Inaudible.
  • Elvira's lawful good rival.
  • Sugarhill Oiljack.
  • Roundtree's fruit pastilles.
  • A more colorful playful treat time.
  • The comic book guy sizing you up and stapling appropriate ads into the comic you're buying.
  • Finding out a lot of very interesting information about Texas Railroad Commissioner and forgetting it all immediately.
  • Page after page of ads and then a back cover.
  • A hardcore Bush-era ad explaining that Klonoa's gonna kill your mom.
  • Two Dollar Groos.
  • Writing a fan letter to the guy who letters Groo the Wanderer.
  • Groo ASMR on GrooTube.
  • A man in the 50s. (And the 60s.)
  • A plumber from London who found success writing books about Tibetan mysticism.
  • What English sounds like to an Italian speaker.
  • Prisencolinescionalciusol.
  • Lobsang Rampa getting an extra bump from people misspelling Danganronpa.
  • Painting your teeth mother of pearl.
  • The Xbox 360s mii knockoffs.
  • Breath of the Wild's NPC faces.
  • Mr. Potato Head Plug and Play Mouth.
  • Mainly a tooth-oriented game.
  • Dentists wearing a back sack over their head.
  • How dentures happen.
  • Insulin price caps.
  • Explaining to the nice lady who works at the grocery store that the company she works for is monstrous.
  • Trashy people in all walks of life.
  • Why shouldn't I be able to give Bayonetta missing teeth?
  • Post-hoc nightmares where they only upset you after you wake up.
  • The bladder comes to me, I don't go to the bladder.
  • Changing the scansion on the fly.
  • Writing a poem for a relative who won't appreciate it.
  • Whether children only like 3D animation now.
  • Whether it's cheaper to do 3D or 2D animation.
  • Wanting to play with the person you see even though they can't step out of the phone.
  • People who love being perceived.
  • This poem's threen.
  • Vamping about an ambiguous number because of diabetes.
  • Feeling shaky even though you are not shaking.
  • Fat cats in Washington and what they're sitting on.
  • Two people in the universe with perfectly incompatible needs.
  • The only member of your family who didn't go into the hard sciences.
  • The giant cats in Tom and Jerry going their weird shifting their muscles walk.
  • A mockery of a crown.
  • There he is; the poopy man.
  • Thinking of a man riding on a cat.
  • The Lure of the Basilisk.
  • The Gandalara Cycle.
  • Teleport vs. New Body.
  • A big cat-riding opportunity.
  • Riding around on a cat made of pure vinyl.
  • How did Cringer get like that, Prince Adam?
  • Little jokes you do with your partner.
  • Wingor, Trunkor and Unkor.
  • She-Ra taking it back from the boys.
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