148. Dual-Wielding Ingresses


August 22nd, 2022

1 hr 8 mins 16 secs

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  • Seeking penance from the Topic Lord.
  • Dual-purpose infotainment.
  • Getting a new job that is better for your mental health.
  • The People's Republic of Wal-Mart.
  • Maximizing human dignity.
  • Jennifer Government.
  • Works of stilted microfiction describing porn contents.
  • Information density and reading speed in Japanese writing.
  • Accidentally machine-translating the wrong field.
  • Organizing your porn by publisher.
  • The full title of Robinson Crusoe.
  • When movie trailers stopped giving the whole plot away as a matter of course.
  • Setting your most recently played game to "Health and Safety Information" before going out to collect 3DS street-passes.
  • Trying to get 3DS street passes on in suburbia.
  • Edging towards the playground to get 3DS street passes without getting close enough that people notice you edging towards the playground.
  • Walking backwards into the playground, staring at your 3DS.
  • Taking over a gym and leaving something behind.
  • A lady with three phones and a tablet out who you are sure is making a drug deal but it turns out she's just playing Pokemon.
  • Collecting all the territories in 3DS street pass.
  • The critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XVIV now with the free expansion up to level 60.
  • A problem that helps you exercise.
  • Wandering around Willow Glen dual wielding Ingresses.
  • Attacking a portal in an AR game and some guy in cargo shorts comes out of his house to politely ask you to stop.
  • Min-maxing your Burger King visits to become the mayor of Burger King.
  • Hacking the limiter on your chocolate milk tap.
  • Lou's superhuman beverage production.
  • The era of automats.
  • How they stored coffee in the 1950s.
  • Having one of each thing on your menu ready to give to potential customers immediately.
  • The turnaround on a queue of hamburgers.
  • Spaghetti and blankets at the Japanese McDonald's.
  • The MegaMuffin.
  • The Bojangles biscuit game.
  • Losing yourself on skag and skipping out for beer during commercials.
  • Nixon playing a bugle.
  • A revolution to get rid of the nubs.
  • Sliding a color TV into a stolen ambulance.
  • Only letting people into the revolution who can't spell Natalie Wood's name.
  • Dreaming about the end of television.
  • The BBC covering climate change by talking about how nice and sunny it is.
  • The guy who wanted to work at Nintendo so he got a job working at Nintendo.
  • Improving your tools and workflow because you're procrastinating doing actual work.
  • Playing Tetris on a gamepad vs. on a keyboard.
  • Tetris APM.
  • Switching joycon hands because you're accustomed to using the arrow keys with your right hand.
  • Making friends the wrong way in Japan.
  • Making things on purpose vs. making them accidentally.
  • Knowing how to act in a Japanese meeting.
  • Learning how to work towards a goal every day whether or not you feel like it.
  • How to tell when a game is ready to ship.
  • Going to the grocery store and explaining to the cashier about the cool art you make and they're like "great but you still have to pay for this food with money."
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