228. Detecting Myself As Spam


March 4th, 2024

1 hr 10 mins 47 secs

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  • Fif
  • Mitch


  • The Ace Attorney series' English localization's naming conventions
  • The kissing mechanic in Bully represents both what is genius and terrible about the game
  • Podcast Prep Sheet Trending Guests and Topics
  • The Tay Bridge Disaster
  • No but seriously what the hell is up with the user interface in Bully. I assume it's just a Rockstar thing? I'm only into Bully so it is a mystery
  • Comments that say "why did the algorithm recommend this to me"


  • Two handfuls of times.
  • Something very fivey about hands.
  • Dependability and a detail-oriented nature.
  • Putting your resume in the show notes.
  • Naming your kid a list of two things.
  • A story taking place in a Los Angeles that is a satire of near future Japan.
  • Naming games after verbs.
  • Mario Push Button.
  • The Haiku-detecting tumblr bot.
  • Imagining an opinion and searching for someone who has it so you can yell at them.
  • All the time we have for Topic Lords.
  • Kissing a kissable person. (They have kissability.)
  • A dress-up fashion thing.
  • Wearing a reindeer patterned jumper to reduce your kissability.
  • Applying triple-A polish to a boarding school setting.
  • Dorms in a castle.
  • Hey, nice face.
  • Demographics based on what classes you have to take to kiss members of the demographic.
  • Dressing in real life like you do in a Grand Theft Auto game.
  • The one character in the entire GTA series that cares about the clothes you wear.
  • Secrets Behind the Suite: Unveiling the Hidden World behind Luxury Hotels.
  • Eco-friendly or Eco-fail?
  • Law and Disorder: how TV crime shows get it wrong.
  • Sending an email to yourself and it gets detected as spam.
  • The friend who has a lot of opinions about Homestuck.
  • Making your hearts for to quail.
  • Poems including civil engineering advice.
  • Good vs. bad nonsense poems.
  • A fun poem to read.
  • Paying money to engage with content.
  • Deliberately slipping on a banana peel.
  • What it says about hitting in the Banana Rules.
  • School administrators publishing statistics on how many banana peels you've slipped on.
  • Skyrim spoiling the presence of robots on the stats screen.
  • Watching what players do and rewarding every action they take.
  • A good video game is a game that has three good stats screens and no bad stats screens.
  • Having a question in your head and not knowing who to ask so you ask the person in front of you.
  • Youtube koans.
  • Showing content to someone who will be not that jazzed about it.
  • Youtube recommending a let's-play from a year ago with 10 views.
  • A PMV of the character you are obsessed with.
  • The only person who takes a the Youtube Creator Surveys.
  • Constantly deleting the shorts.
  • Posting a tweet to youtube.com.
  • Posting a link to your own videos on Youtube.
  • Community captions and what happened to them.
  • Doing annotations dirty.
  • Nekoneko.
  • Comments popping up and scrolling across the screen constantly.
  • Listening to a cassette tape you dug up in the desert.
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