227. Maximal Overlap With The Dork


February 26th, 2024

1 hr 13 mins 21 secs

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  • Letting go of concepts of yourself that you believe.
  • Losing a concept of yourself as a person and just becoming free-floating thoughts.
  • 47 year old house painters.
  • Growing up to be a pluripotent human being.
  • Finding cool and positive Internet spaces to hang out in.
  • Excavating old Bubsy memorabilia.
  • Checking the maps on your telephone.
  • Defining yourself as someone who doesn't eat free cheese samples.
  • Scientists researching how to be cool and cringe at the same time.
  • 2023 Game of the Year Gordy and the Monster Moon.
  • Protocols and processes that presume that if you are good at solving puzzles then you must also be good at designing puzzles.
  • The humble beginnings of the MIT Mystery Hunt.
  • Puzzle Inflation.
  • Instant stooging.
  • People who are obligated to prevent their children from dying.
  • Server migration problems.
  • Accidentally writing the same puzzle as someone else.
  • Premium content for listeners who want to subscribe.
  • Putting sprites on the screen and accepting controller input.
  • Game design by proxy.
  • Your local Barcade with a Pico-8 cabinet.
  • Buttoning up a game to make it a shippable product.
  • Whether the knife is detecting a dork.
  • Butter golems.
  • Bugs that make games more fun.
  • Building a high end gaming PC and only running Pico-8 on it
  • I can't believe they buttered Jorts!
  • Meeting the guy who runs the Indie Arcade at Magfest.
  • Waiting 40 years for opportunities to fall in your lap.
  • Think Buick.
  • A cat that is not on the show.
  • Of all the exposed mucus membranes on your face, the eyes are two of them.
  • Projectile transmission.
  • Did this COVID infection rate study control for popularity?
  • Hitting 40 and embracing the cringe.
  • Wearing chemistry goggles in public.
  • Myopic basketball players.
  • Things you can put on your face to look like a superhero in disguise.
  • The Wario Land 4 soundtrack.
  • Making ogg vorbis rips of the Wario Land 4 soundtrack to put on Napster.
  • A gem of a poem to be hidden in a Wario game.
  • Playing back vocals with single-syllable samples.
  • Our collective dream diary.
  • Your dreams melting into your pillow with all the dust mites.
  • Everything is impermanent, especially video games.
  • A shocking removal of an important human from your life.
  • Making your peace with the time you have forgotten.
  • The natural high you get from blowing things up.
  • Throwing apples at a Snorlax until it wakes up.
  • Cooking games.
  • Matching happy looking fruits of different sizes.
  • Watching carefully as two peaches slide together.
  • Designing video games for 5-year olds on T.
  • Dropping things that merge in a two dimensional space with gravity.
  • The boy has two dads.
  • What can I do that is nonviolent and crunchy and interesting and solvable?
  • Looking for inspiration outside of video games.
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