85. Corsets For Snakes


June 7th, 2021

1 hr 9 mins 42 secs

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  • Alex is on the Topic Lords Discord.
  • Shannon is offering vaccines.


  • Human-led gaming over the internet (like escape rooms). How the DM is walking a line of controlling everything vs being completely controlled by the players. How to design games to be played like this over the internet.
  • Best and worst parts of camping.
  • Shutting off the PC speaker as a service.
  • Call Me By Your Name.
  • Is "The Birds" the first genre zombie film?


  • Safe and effective vaccines.
  • The difference between spring rolls and egg rolls.
  • Teleconferencing an escape room.
  • All of the items that came out of this drawer.
  • A room escape game set in outer space where the players on separate ships communicate via semaphore flags.
  • Running a massively multiplayer tabletop campaign and inventing the middle manager dungeon master.
  • How Room Escape games have adapted to the pandemic.
  • Going camping and wondering "Why are we in the woods? Why are we not in our cozy warm house?"
  • The novelty of not having your luxuries.
  • Being imprisoned on a cruise ship and only then deigning to be entertained by cruise ship entertainments.
  • Enjoying a bonfire because the woods doesn't have Netflix.
  • The novelty of sitting outside in the dark.
  • Camping as a simulacrum of being an ancient human.
  • The sound of wind through the branches.
  • Symphonies being largely unlistenable unless you're held captive in a nearly entirely quiet room.
  • The relative ease of paying attention when you're not surrounded by distractions.
  • The relentless temptation of pulling to refresh.
  • How bad the flame wars get on the fake Twitter set up just for the attendees of JoCo Cruise.
  • Waiting to find out whether your cruise ship will be permitted to land.
  • The dynamics of having a Twitter just for your dorm.
  • Bringing all 29 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica because you won't have the Internet on the cruise ship.
  • Going to a sake bar in Japan to learn how to like booze.
  • The legality of throwing your drink in a kid's face if they give you sass.
  • Knowing it's illegal to dance on the street in Japan and deliberately adopting an exaggerated swagger whenever the police are around.
  • Japanese police's different standards for when white people are dancing.
  • Whether Japanese police have truncheons or just those flashlights with traffic cones on them.
  • Getting a job and trying to figure out how to be useful at it.
  • The PC speaker beeping long after your program has crashed.
  • Writing a program in the machine language debugger because Windows 98 still comes with programming tools.
  • A kid swinging over pits.
  • Commander Keen in: Invasion of the Vorticons.
  • Back when it was a big deal for the PC to run a game that looked like a NES game.
  • Eventually realizing that the game you're playing where the cat chases the mouse is actually just a screen saver.
  • Not being able to convince your dad to buy a CD-ROM drive for the family PC but luckily the N64 uses cartridge technology.
  • Visiting your friends who own an N64 and playing Mario Kart and Goldeneye and then going home and saying "this is the real shit, check out Pac Man 2."
  • Being informed that you are in for a treat.
  • Clouds giving the sun a big hug.
  • The influence of Spongebob Squarepants on the music video for "Call Me By Your Name" by Lil Nas X.
  • A snake turning into a cone head.
  • A very slow jog.
  • Your under-eye makeup really bringing out your scales.
  • Corsets for snakes.
  • Mini-Marge with a smaller version of the same hair.
  • The denim police taking you to denim jail for fashion crimes.
  • Wearing clothing with your name on it.
  • Sequence breaking the endless staircase in Mario 64 by giving the stairs a lapdance.
  • Nearly having descended the entire stripper pole.
  • The core strength required to give Satan an extremely slow lap dance.
  • An extremely entertaining sequence of images.
  • Exquisitely crafted metaphor that you'll miss entirely if you never look at it.
  • What zombies were before George Romero invented the modern zombie.
  • The concept of a zombie as a horde of cannibals.
  • The fresh ideas that Night of the Living Dead brought to the The Birds genre.
  • Giving Lovebirds the side-eye.
  • Night of the Living Dead being progressive regarding its black protagonist but not its woman protagonist.
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