86. Dad Boy Prime And The Shadow of Grung


June 14th, 2021

1 hr 1 min 40 secs

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  • What a .tv TLD indicates.
  • Brayton's Bubbly Bog Water.
  • Airdropping incredibly earthy mineral water directly to your house.
  • Using the wrong musical sting.
  • The gas station that functions both before and after noon.
  • Drinking water out of a beer bong.
  • The algorithm providing a solid recommendation for once.
  • Going into Spirit Halloween and asking for something in an underfed Michael Myers.
  • Giving out vaseline for Halloween.
  • The truth according to vaseline.com.
  • Whether vaseline meets FDA requirements for human consumption and whether that qualifies it as a foodstuff.
  • Blooming your own onions at home so you can stop going to Outback every weekend.
  • All the other things you could bloom with your new onion bloomer.
  • A good way to go into a fugue state and have something on in the background while you're doing something else.
  • A redditor who went missing after acquiring some Datura seeds.
  • A recreational drug for which the lethal dose varies significantly from person to person.
  • Deciding whether to join a cult based on whether you hallucinated the cult leader high fiving Aquaman or selling celebrity maps under a bridge.
  • The serial rooster on the box of corn flakes who's roosting every time you see him.
  • The rooster jumping off of the Corn Flakes box, grabbing the butcher knife, and giving you career advice.
  • Explaining that cocaine isn't addictive and you would know because you do it every day.
  • Scrolling through a Twitter thread about people's favorite mugs to see all the great mugs.
  • Perusing the multivarious ways a person can like a mug.
  • The East Berlin traffic light man.
  • A trivet in your grandpa's kitchen that says Joint-S.T.A.R.S. and depicts a star firing a lightning bolt at a tank, and whether your grandpa is secretly an anime villain.
  • A dragon clutching the world in its hands with an American flag pattern on its spread wings.
  • The patriotism dragon.
  • Our favorite mugs.
  • Going on Twitter to relax.
  • Whether a big enough knife counts as a sword.
  • Devo Vevo.
  • Dan Aykroyd speed walking while people make fun of him for the entire duration of the film.
  • Mark Mothersbaugh jogging in a sealed garbage bag so he can quickly lose enough weight to qualify for his intended Devo weight class.
  • The belt from the 1920s that jiggles you.
  • Recording a commentary on a Dan Aykroyd movie as part of your podcast about Binding of Isaac collectibles.
  • Replacing every transition wipe in Star Wars with Mark Mothersbaugh floating across the screen.
  • The illusion of intentionality.
  • A beat poet playing a bass constructed out of a bass drum
  • Our favorite fake lap steel guitar solos and what synthesizers they were played on.
  • The geniuses at genius.com having absolutely nothing to say about Devo's Theme to Doctor Detroit.
  • The Charmin Bear's mom's opinions on ass wiping.
  • A Transmissible Toilet Paper Disease That Affects Only Bears.
  • Rubber Krulwich.
  • Jogging and Pimps: the Doctor Detroit Story.
  • One of those Doctor Detroit marriages you always hear about.
  • The Curse of Doctor Detroit.
  • Flying out of a still frame of a hot dog.
  • Mark Mothersbaugh wearing an inflated bodysuit so that his silhouette matches Dan Aykroyd's when they speed walk together.
  • Going to the area labeled "combat zone" in hopes of finding someone to shoot.
  • Hiding aliens in your space game and never telling anybody about them.
  • Hiding a main quest in your space game and never telling anybody about it.
  • Getting a gamer treat for peeking into corners.
  • How Portal should've warned you about its unusually high fall damage on the box.
  • The pros and cons of being a lich.
  • Whether April would stick around if Jim turned into a lich.
  • Dying at Chuckie Cheese and being stuck there as a ghost forever.
  • Whether being a zombie secretly feels awesome.
  • The tragedy of Quake's wireheading grunts.
  • Dying on the subway and having to listen to buskers for eternity.
  • The parable of the good lich and the good billionaire.
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