191. Carbonated Cream Of Mushroom Latte


June 19th, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 16 secs

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  • Chris
  • Wacy


  • Crafting little guys
  • Negotiating how to play Zelda together
  • Cream of mushroom latte
  • ChatGPT wrote a poem about zelda
  • Climbing real rocks


  • The Marble Hornets/Slender Man oeuvre.
  • Copying and pasting a video.
  • Sharing a movie you liked with a friend over IM by copying and pasting the title.
  • The turnip in Breath of the Wild.
  • Attempting and failing to enjoy wood carving.
  • Stabbing the Korok until it is less fuzzy.
  • A Snapchat filter that makes it look like you're made of felt.
  • Losing your needle-felted Lorax and getting upset.
  • Kirby eating Halo.
  • Hobbies that double as fidget toys.
  • Carving a stick into a squirrel.
  • Finding polymer clay out in the woods.
  • Naturally-occurring fission reactors.
  • Nature with really good graphic design.
  • Sharing a Zelda save with your life partner and learning a lot about each other.
  • Finding every turnip.
  • Learning spoilers at an interesting space.
  • The huge thing.
  • Target's 30-day return policy.
  • What Switch games support local wireless multiplayer.
  • Playing halfway through a video game before you figure out the most of the systems.
  • Stirring until the lumps go away.
  • Kombucha milk.
  • An incredibly cheap gas.
  • The Sus Engineering DIY carbonation guide.
  • Cream of Cow Latte.
  • Target getting out the UV light to detect traces of cream of mushroom soup on the espresso machine you're trying to return.
  • Frothy oily coffees.
  • Inventing a culinary taxonomy in which mushrooms and cheese are both fruit.
  • Sweet cheese and savory fruit.
  • Sweet cheesus!
  • Making a yes or no answer incredibly long.
  • Rewriting each paragraph until it ends with a word on a line by itself.
  • Rapping about Zelda in 1980s.
  • Finding plot holes in this poem about the Legend of Zelda.
  • Using video games to ignore that you're on a plane for six hours.
  • Horror poems.
  • "A Crow Looked at Me" by Mt. Eerie.
  • Knowing why someone wrote an album but not why people listen to it.
  • Bad Two-Sentence Horror.
  • Whether Poe's The Raven counts as horror.
  • Businesses named after the thing that the building they're in used to be used for.
  • Berkeley Bowl's produce section.
  • Climbing a boulder that is not labeled with its difficulty level.
  • Difficulty inflation at the climbing gym.
  • How rocks are shaped.
  • A lump that you pinch with your whole hand.
  • Reading about a weird thing in Harry Potter and not knowing if it's weird because it's a magical kingdom or if that's how England does things.
  • What camping is like in England.
  • Taking a four year old to a parkour gym.
  • Being a kid and looking forward to finally growing tall enough to skate on the power lines.
  • A table full of rock obstacle courses.
  • The standards body that certifies what playground equipment is safe to install.
  • Old Enough.
  • Achieving the Milk Task.
  • Not teaching children cursive.
  • Having a name because your mom liked it.
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