222. Barkley In Retrograde


January 22nd, 2024

1 hr 13 mins 23 secs

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  • Chris
  • Esper



  • The editor of a podcast.
  • The #1 podcast for topic fans.
  • Chopping at some audio until it becomes a podcast.
  • Editing a recording into a podcast that's nothing but ums, mouth smacking noises and uncomfortable silence.
  • Zoom dynamically sensing when you're saying something dumb or boring and muting you.
  • Saying yes with the Sonic ring noise and no with the Sonic taking damage noise.
  • A cozy pleasant show full of fun facts.
  • Prepping for a paradigm.
  • How to put audio on film.
  • Going on a web forum and receiving a quest to find a magnetic box stuck underneath a metal staircase.
  • Geocaching on the Moon.
  • Geocaching vs. Geohashing.
  • A French pun for your board game night that nobody can remember because it's in French.
  • c:geo.
  • Finding a geocache by climbing a tree and pulling a paperclip attached to a fake piece of bark.
  • What to do if you're the one who picks up a travel bug.
  • Fake bolts where the center unscrews and it's hollow inside.
  • Developing a sense for when a geocache is nearby and always being wrong.
  • Miyoo Mini Plus.
  • Custom firmware that fixes your terrible handheld game system.
  • The Dream of the Playdate.
  • The Anbernic R something something letters numbers.
  • C-ctrl.
  • Going back to the Tekken 3 well.
  • A video game bar in Japan that only has Americans in it.
  • A very reasonable number of video games to flip through.
  • Emulators with daily runs.
  • Multi Bowl.
  • A game that legally can not exist.
  • Johann Sebastian Joust and its meta.
  • Getting one point in Rampage.
  • Advice that can literally no longer be helpful for anybody.
  • How to be an effective Goomba.
  • Looking at Jim's win/loss ratio and being inspired.
  • As Garfield said, "nothing good can stay."
  • A stainless soul lying inspired.
  • Bad experiences shared by every human.
  • A very smooth-brained day
  • Rampant poetry plagiarism on TikTok.
  • A food ASMR video where someone is repeatedly stabbing chicken with a fork.
  • Videos of hamsters running in wheels while listening to Dragula by Rob Zombie.
  • Whether the fish enjoys playing Pokemon.
  • A sweet 16 bracket of Best Kinds of Shark.
  • Rerecording the Topic Lords jingle with a swarm of bees.
  • The qualifications required for the person who designs electric car backing up noises.
  • Which apps to use to help you remember Spanish.
  • Speedrunning High School Spanish.
  • Learning Japanese from anime.
  • A 24/7 Livestream of digital cats lying around the house.
  • Hallucinating new languages around the house.
  • 52 Pickup with Gita Jackson and Alex Jaffee, about the most important comic book series of this century.
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