93. A Medical Advice Podcast


August 2nd, 2021

1 hr 1 min 49 secs

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  • Frog and Toad core
  • What would you do with a bonus room in your house?
  • My reptile brain is a cat-loving ninja
  • If you could submit one thing (a song, a building, a food, an activity, an abstract concept) to the interstellar community of sapient intelligences as your part of The Case For Why The Human Race Is Good And Cool, what would it be?
  • How earnest lessons you try to teach your children backfire
  • Murder She Wrote is back on prime
  • Asafoetida powder


  • The Expanse: bigger than before.
  • A developer's guide to cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • The various circumstances under which the Frog Fractions DLC hat can be a witch hat.
  • Cottagecore vs. Frog and Toad core.
  • Cottagecore merged with an old man.
  • Embracing Frog and Toad for pride month.
  • Finding the bodice rippers with people with dark curly hair on the cover because you can imagine those are light-skinned black people.
  • The relative density of the east coast.
  • Getting out of California before it's too late.
  • A complete dearth of natural disasters.
  • Writing an offer letter for a home you want to buy and mentioning your adorable child who just needs a home several times.
  • Moving into a space that is twice as big and not knowing what to do with all the space.
  • An Austenian fantasy you have been cherishing in your bosom.
  • A perfect cosy library with chairs that trap people.
  • Installing a ladder on casters so you can ride it around the room every morning in your Belle outfit.
  • Coming up with excuses to install the ladder on casters even though you can just reach up and grab every book in your library.
  • One of those booths with a fan at the bottom that you fill by ripping a single page out of every book in your library.
  • How much extra you can charge for an Airbnb hidden behind a secret bookshelf.
  • Going into the Library of Congress to check out Bullfrog's Official Guide to Dungeon Keeper.
  • A room full of music production equipment and no internet connection.
  • Asking your child to focus at dinner when all the adults at the table have their phones out.
  • Saving a cat by applying torque to a falling chair.
  • Doing a thing before you realize you've done it and thinking "wow it's a good thing I agree with those actions."
  • Deliberately relying on your unconscious mind to do important work.
  • Whether Jim and his wife need to get checked for ADHD.
  • A teen who can write a hell of a term paper.
  • The interstellar community of sapient intelligences.
  • The case for why the human race is good and cool.
  • Winnie the Pooh.
  • Reclaiming the poop.
  • Taco Bell's cannon firing nacho cheese chalupas at the enemy spaceships.
  • Trying to convey "hygge" without being willing to try to pronounce it.
  • Learning about alien cultures by watching Star Trek.
  • A five year old explaining to you how T-Mobile are leaders in 5G technology.
  • A perfectly sensible reaction to the story of Noah's Ark.
  • Learning what fighting is and deciding to fight your mom.
  • A book about a child who needs to be reprimanded all the time.
  • Shouting "no" and throwing the phone on the floor whenever an ad plays.
  • Watching Murder She Wrote every night before bed.
  • Jessica Fletcher the serial killer and her nephew Grady, also a serial killer.
  • How good Jessica Fletcher would be at breaking up a loud graduation party.
  • Predicting when the party next door is going to end by the decade the music is from.
  • How to recognize a trap remix of the Murder She Wrote theme from just the bass.
  • Tricking your family into playing the Murder She Wrote board game.
  • Not needing a wedding ring because your husband got you the Murder She Wrote DVD boxed set.
  • Discovering what DVDs are and deciding to put them in the shower.
  • Covering the shower drain with the Wii Sports disc because they're the exact same size.
  • A bone-dry shower.
  • Always shirt-cocking it.
  • Baby poop and onions but also kind of floral but also you hate onions.
  • Resorch.
  • Dried latex from the celery family.
  • Boiling your neti pot water to kill the brain-eating bacteria that might pass through the blood brain barrier.
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