185. 2000-Year-Old Head, Again??

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  • Danny
  • Kim



  • A video game man.
  • The Animorphs train.
  • Children committing war crimes and having to live with the consequences.
  • How many books are in the Animorphs series.
  • The Visser Chronicles.
  • Yeerks living in the Yeerk pool.
  • Finding the person whose car you stole and explaining "here's your car back, I did a bunch of war crimes in it"
  • Hearing someone explain Animorphs repeatedly and never forming a single opinion.
  • The horror of noses moving around.
  • Refusing to read graphic novels because you can't read and look at pictures at the same time.
  • Animorphs: Shattered Reality.
  • Why boys don't read Animorphs.
  • Marco turning into an Andalyte.
  • Eating via your hooves.
  • F for Furry.
  • The canonical source for all sexualities.
  • Non-Consensual Dippin' Dots.
  • Haunted Headphones.
  • How to compliment your partner's flams.
  • Taking a movie and turning it into a TikTok.
  • The dude from Dark with the face.
  • Twisted social experiment: whoever survives til the end gets to live.
  • 2000 Year Old Head Again??
  • Blind Man Who Robbers Are Trying To Avoid For A Movie.
  • This Garfield Comic is Too Highbrow.
  • A Simple Rhyming Man.
  • I Had a Lover's Quarrel with the World.
  • A chat bot that only replies with cat memes.
  • An extremely asymmetric cat.
  • Hiding inside the couch.
  • A cat wearing a neckerchief.
  • AI dolls in horror movies.
  • A movie that is advertised relentlessly on whatever wavelength you're on.
  • Content warning: hilarious child death. The whole movie theater will laugh.
  • Haunted TikTok.
  • Topic Lords M3gan Edition.
  • Robot vs. Firmware Updates.
  • Robot vs. EULA.
  • Horror stories about firmware updates.
  • A toilet that screams at you if you're not licensed to shit in it.
  • Bathrooms that self clean whether you're still in there or not.
  • How many points coins are worth in all the different Mario games.
  • Incentivizing children to stomp on goombas.
  • Frog Fractions as an expression of score-related trauma.
  • An email where it's hard to tell who is fucking with whom.
  • The kind of people who like a game and leave a negative review on Steam that is clearly a joke but actually click the thumbs down button.
  • Curling: the most horny sport.
  • The game where people crouch really low and try to get a stone into a button.
  • Playing Frog Fractions for 420 hours.
  • The modern experience of being verified on Twitter.
  • The time Frog Fractions was crashing when you played it in France.
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