117. Your Self-Inflicted Artistic Purgatory


January 17th, 2022

1 hr 2 mins 56 secs

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  • Accidentally agreeing to be on the show.
  • Doing nothing in Chicago.
  • Computer creativity.
  • Making an argument that a computer program is creative.
  • "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" as a philosophical text.
  • Using a set of mirrors to give yourself 360 degree vision.
  • Imagining additional colors.
  • Assuming the listener knows what cellular automata is.
  • A platonic dude in the way you would conceive of a dude.
  • Trying to find a game that uses cellular automata but it's occluded by search results for Conway's Life and Nier Automata.
  • The top four Live 'em Ups.
  • A game that left the world when Flash stopped being a thing.
  • Putting tremendous creative effort into a project but not being willing to call it your art because that would be pretentious.
  • Calling your bad music your "works" because they make ye listeners despair.
  • How you conceptualize the things that you make.
  • Attaching a label to the semiotic representation of a thing and thereby changing the nature of the thing.
  • Making a song in the amount of time the song takes to elapse.
  • Having done NaNoWriMo once and then being able to tell people you're working on your second novel.
  • Wanting to have the identity of being a creator.
  • Something that is cool to be and do.
  • How to make art that feels meaningful when you are surrounded by art that is way better than yours.
  • Ancient handwriting samples.
  • Doing psychic damage by singing the wrong words to a song.
  • Leaving a plate of meat in your neighbor's yard.
  • Deciding it's time to stop your science experiment and go to a doctor.
  • A storied history of people screwing up their bodies for the sake of internet points.
  • The melding of art and science.
  • Piss Christ and other works that are intended to annoy.
  • Trying to elicit a strong emotion but not caring too much which emotion it is.
  • What it takes to know Bennett Foddy.
  • The idea that heavy metal bands were trying to get listeners to kill themselves.
  • The euphemism treadmill and the inverted euphemism treadmill.
  • How come there are still kids if kids keep growing up??
  • Slurs in various stages of reclamation.
  • How there are stupid people out there and they're not bad people, they're just stupid.
  • Jabroni origins.
  • Replacing all your pejoratives with "ridiculous."
  • Mario running up the infinite euphemism treadmill saying successively more watered down swears.
  • The purpose of comparing an emotion to a bird.
  • What is a poem? A pile of lines about a bird.
  • Conceiving of hope as a bird sitting outside your window and waking you up way too early.
  • Enclosing poems in letters to your friends.
  • Making art for a person and sharing it just with that person.
  • Reading "Hope is the Thing with Feathers" in the Sick Sad World announcer voice.
  • Reading poems in a sarcastic voice and analyzing how it makes you feel.
  • Reading Emily Dickinson poetry in the voice of somebody begging for their life.
  • Whether Poe's Law is the sarcasm thing.
  • Whether Machiavelli was doing a bit.
  • A performance of the entirety of Hamilton in the Adam Sandler voice.
  • Getting famous for singing "All Star" and having to sing it for the rest of your life.
  • The realm between video games and books.
  • How the phone would be the perfect venue for a visual novel if it weren't for all the phone games.
  • Approaches to consuming media.
  • Watching half a movie and then falling asleep and eventually realizing that now there are at least five movies you've watched half of.
  • A library book from 2019 that you still haven't returned.
  • Mapping the size of your body parts to how much space they take up in your brain.
  • A Cortical Homunculus Funko Pop.
  • Shrimp Obama Magnet.
  • T-shirts about adrenal cancer.
  • Angry Little Friend Taxidermy Monster Sculpture Oddity.
  • Too good an idea to just let be a joke.
  • Symbolizing the emotions of people who wait at the dentist's office.
  • Max Rebo, the popular jizz-wailer.
  • Seeing the two tabs but not knowing the difference between them.
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