232. Where's The Poem, Zaborowske?


April 1st, 2024

1 hr 12 mins 22 secs

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  • Taking Improv classes has been life changing.
  • Practicing 3 keyboard layouts at the same time
  • I bought store brand salt. You wouldn't think this would be a big deal but it turns out to be
  • I Once Snorted an Eight Ball with Santa, by Richie Zaborowske
  • Are all creative ideas very derivative, or is it just my ideas


  • Pickleball.
  • Weird shapes the birdie flies in.
  • The sport that has level design.
  • Mindful breathing.
  • You are now breathing mindfully.
  • Looking forward to being at square one.
  • Getting the real data once you stop paying attention.
  • Thespians in High School.
  • Spinning a wheel to figure out what emotion to feel.
  • Whether the yes and rule only works for comedy.
  • Pancakes. Are. Starchy.
  • Being late to your job that's on fire because you were stuck behind the fire truck.
  • Celebrating your own failures.
  • How to play Lemmings in 2024.
  • Self-esteem.
  • Immediately vibing with a new sport.
  • Autotuning except it's completely manual.
  • A bunch of joysticks that you twiddle with your fingers to do letters.
  • Colemak vs. Colemak DH.
  • Keyboards that are laid out in columns.
  • Splitting up the typing test into QWERTY, Dvorak and Colemak.
  • Palm Pilot Graffiti.
  • The Lord's Prayer in Gregg.
  • Shorthand. (Originally called Briefhand.)
  • Good ciphers for room escape puzzles.
  • Are QR codes based on the mazes in Zelda 2?
  • Flaky sea salt vs. coarse sea salt.
  • Adding a biting experience to make your food more heterogeneous.
  • Edible chemistry.
  • The last time you pinched salt.
  • Audially-rewarding salt grinders.
  • Science Youtuber Hank Green.
  • Warning pregnant women to not eat too much salty licorice.
  • Supertaster-outing Tic Tacs that regular people love but supertasters immediately vomit.
  • We've got a level six kaiju supertaster on our hands!
  • The guy who gets paid too much to taste ice cream.
  • The kind of person who doesn't salt their food but instead repeatedly licks a salt lick throughout the meal.
  • Heads swirling around like snow globes.
  • A poem that doesn't do anything with line breaks but does do something interesting with sentence lengths.
  • A poem that you might read on a bathroom stall.
  • Wearing the little hat and pulling on the cord that makes the horn toot.
  • The ecology that grows around the dumpster.
  • The crane swinging porta potties around.
  • An extremely expensive way to have fun
  • Heading towards the era of having kids.
  • Asking for payment for software that is not being maintained.
  • Minesweeper but X.
  • An idea that is worth doing but not obviously worth doing.
  • How to make Missile Command fun in a new and interesting way.
  • A boxing essay with questionable authenticity.
  • Strategies for enjoying Frog Fractions.
  • Rangers and the new way they handle animals.
  • Yes-anding whatever ideas come to you.
  • Ancient primals that were interlocked in battle.
  • Someone thinking of an idea.
  • Constantly listening for cues.
  • What do inanimate objects do?
  • Buying a giant bag of googly eyes and putting them on everything.
  • Not posting on Twitter.
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