69. Wave-Cat Duality


February 15th, 2021

1 hr 5 mins 13 secs

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  • Whether this is going to be a fun episode or if it's going to crash and burn after two minutes.
  • Trying to eat a watermelon in December and nature punishing you for your hubris.
  • A tarot deck of memes.
  • Describing memes in an audio medium.
  • Arby's.
  • Getting ASMR live on the podcast.
  • The Deck of Old Memes.
  • Where the horsey sauce comes out.
  • Your Arby's cups with a radioactive ghost.
  • The Loss Spread.
  • Literary analysis of a work of art, except it's a roguelike.
  • Jellicle cats.
  • Making noises even if you have nothing to say.
  • Loving Cats unironically except for the fatphobic one.
  • Advertisements for the stage musical Cats making it seem like Les Miserables, a show you go to to cry for three hours.
  • Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat.
  • Fantasizing that the hipster guy at the moustache wax store is your boyfriend.
  • Platonic forms that have been banished to earth and must prove themselves sufficiently perfect to return to the realm of ideas.
  • Whether pollicle is a back formation from jellicle.
  • Never having met a pollicle dog, nor watched a fever dream of a movie where they sing to you.
  • The good content that you can't keep it together through.
  • Reinforcing Goofy's head so that it doesn't fall into the casket when he kisses the body.
  • Burying you with a solar powered mp3 player so that you can hear "It's A Small World" on loop for eternity.
  • Hiring someone to be you from the past so they can have it out with Goofy dressed as the Ghost of Christmas Future at your funeral.
  • Planning the Best Funeral Ever.
  • Whether Disney is willing to DMCA takedown your novelty Disney funeral.
  • Our Cyberpunk Future being cool as heck and also unimaginably awful, like Lovecraft.
  • Our Cool Cyberpunk Future, where there are cool things and terrible things, and the rich people have the cool things, and you can try to steal them from them.
  • To what degree we got our Dystopian Cyberpunk Future because Jeff Bezos loved Neuromancer and wanted to make it happen for real.
  • Hiring Hiro Protagonist from Snow Crash to come to your funeral and kiss you on the lips, and getting a Meme Virus that persists through your death.
  • Hiring Tron Guy to come to your funeral and kiss you on the list.
  • Refusing to let Tron Guy see Tron Legacy at your movie theater because Ernest Cline would just buy the theater immediately.
  • Pickle brine that tastes a lot like peppery lemonade.
  • The hierarchy of sour candies.
  • Sour candy marketing in the 90s proclaiming that "your mom hates these!"
  • The difference between macaroons and macarons, and whether it exists.
  • The difference between pies and tarts, and whether it exists.
  • Graham cracker crust quiche.
  • The same podcast episode but you keep editing new guest commentary in so that gets longer and longer.
  • Not letting a moose lick your car, because their tongue might get stuck.
  • Driving away after the moose's tongue gets stuck to your bumper and the moose flies behind you like a kite.
  • Driving in bemoosed roads.
  • Driving away when a moose tries to lick your car.
  • Moose seeing a car and thinking "oh good a source of salt."
  • The hippos of the West.
  • Telling your child that every animal is imaginary so they can have the magical moment of discovering the truth over and over again.
  • Frightening a bear away by putting moose antlers on it and showing it a mirror.
  • Inventing and testing sour honey live on this podcast.
  • The patron saint of standing on your head.
  • A sour honey update: it's fine.
  • The new sour salty honey candy, "Are They Gonna Give Me That Sour Salty Honey?"
  • People and learning and why they do it.
  • The thing about jokes.
  • Putting a bunch of bad programming means on the classroom wall because students will want to understand the joke.
  • Learning a little about many things and becoming a generalist.
  • The only STEM person in this anatomy and physiology class making jokes about how the kidneys are a linked list.
  • A meme in the sense of making your calculator say "BOOBIES"
  • An extremely elaborate process for making it kinda look like Mario is pooping.
  • Duolingo finally paying off when you can discern which Mario is pooping and which Mario has testicles.
  • An official Nintendo product acknowledging the schoolyard meme where it looks like Mario is pooping.
  • Inventing new things to do with video games.
  • The Green Demon.
  • The essence of swag.
  • Memes with good cinematography.
  • Inventing rules to apply to yourself to make video games harder.
  • Beating Pokemon with all Woopers.
  • A problematic Kojima game?!
  • Opting out of having an adult name.
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