213. Urine-Based Interactions With The Scientific Community


November 20th, 2023

1 hr 23 mins 36 secs

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  • Erica
  • Ryan



  • The COVID booster as a form of recreational drug use.
  • Puking, but not for the listeners at home.
  • The only way you can know if you're doing well.
  • WavHog.
  • Trying a lot of things that aren't working out.
  • A chat log that's organized poorly.
  • An ever-growing cacophony.
  • The million dollar web page.
  • Buying ad space on a web page that's entirely ads.
  • Gordy and the Monster Moon.
  • Little Buddy mode vs. Little Nemesis mode.
  • Making a noise whenever you wonder about something.
  • The sound of the aurora borealis.
  • The Northern Lights explaining to you how many bones are in a dog's body.
  • Peeing on your equipment to keep the foxes away.
  • Maintaining curiosity about things.
  • Burying a question and seeing if it comes back to you.
  • Recording a podcast even though you don't know anything.
  • An information strategy that is much more enchanting than looking things up.
  • Leaving through your journals.
  • Tannish white hair.
  • Burying a dog bone so that it grows into a dog bone tree.
  • Farms with no distinct edges.
  • Cholera vegetables.
  • Inventing your own COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Putting a whole country in a snow globe.
  • Tube ham.
  • Drinking a soda branded "your ass."
  • Knight Anoles.
  • Gerrymandering Florida to fix Cuba.
  • Lord Kensingtonitis.
  • A bacterium named after a Jules Verne quote.
  • The only known organism to exist in an ecosystem containing only itself.
  • A biome that's just a bunch of clones of you making a go of it together.
  • Slurping up radiation from the good good surrounding bedrock.
  • All the little guys out there being interesting.
  • The credentials you need to call yourself a scientist.
  • Which bacteria are most bothered by their Wikipedia pages.
  • Everyone's MRCA.
  • Meteorites throwing amino assets into space.
  • Extremely grabby carbon.
  • Moldy bathtubs all over the universe.
  • Little Buddy mode but for bacteria.
  • The works of Florence P. Wordsmith.
  • The origin myth of the Noid.
  • Whether the Noid is wearing a suit or if that's just his skin.
  • Yo! Noid and Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void.
  • A layer of water that's waving up and down.
  • Empathizing with how the Noid sees the world.
  • Writing a poem about the Noid and, instead of hiding it in shame, putting it on the internet for all to see.
  • Getting a game over before you finish the first level but at least you killed a lot of seagulls with a yoyo.
  • The sun making a big X over Texas.
  • Drilling for oil in the Permian Basin.
  • The last total eclipse of the sun of our lifetimes.
  • Checkmate, scientists!
  • Solar noon.
  • Grab your glasses and get lookin'!
  • Meeting Topic Lords all summer.
  • Going sightseeing to find out where all your gasoline comes from.
  • Going to see the solar eclipse or just closing your eyes to get the same effect.
  • A big pile of polygonal Doritos killing another pile of polygonal Doritos.
  • Making sequels to the Final Fantasy 7 remake.
  • The porn web site named after a Final Fantasy 7 plot point.
  • aerisdies.com vs. aerithdies.com.
  • Retransliterations.
  • Husbands who are dead (asleep).
  • The option that makes you look like less of a douchebag.
  • Watching a Final Fantasy documentary before you watch it with your girlfriend to make sure it won't spoil a major character's death for her, and it shows the death onscreen but you missed it during the vetting process, but it's okay because she couldn't visually parse the Playstation-era graphics anyway.
  • Sending your sister to media literacy classes so that she can understand when Aeris dies.
  • A pile of snack chips fighting each other.
  • Showing Star Wars to kids who have never seen it but know every plot point in advance.
  • A priceless Ming vase that has never been perceived by human eyes and everyone thinks it's an idiot and Erica wants to save it by calling it up on the phone and smashing it.
  • A big red button you can push whenever you want.
  • The only time you've ever been accused of underthinking something.
  • Putting your first name and last name together to make a person.
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