1. The Shoulderblade Is A Girl


October 28th, 2019

59 mins 18 secs

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  • Not remembering the name of your own show.
  • Cursing oneself by learning the wrong skill.
  • Looking like a huge lumberjack playing a tiny instrument.
  • Enjoying music wrong.
  • Never asking for advice because you know people will tell you it's a bad idea.
  • The mythical non-portable ukulele.
  • Confusing Prog Rock and Prague Rock.
  • Punting a conversation to later because you can't brain right now.
  • Off-season Cirque du Soleil performers normalizing strip club culture.
  • Having just the right stripping outfit for someone's karaoke choice.
  • Why singing for the Rock Band high score doesn't sound like good singing.
  • Waking up your partner to join your loud video game.
  • Calling your partner to ask to make a dial tone together.
  • Everyone agreeing on the worst pasta shape.
  • Getting into a spaghetti situation.
  • Inventing short spaghetti.
  • Earning your satiation with the gamer's pasta.
  • Soup screaming at you if it doesn't like you.
  • Figuring out how to type during a podcast.
  • Donuts being slightly shiny to fool you.
  • Germans presenting Americans with fake donuts to collect their tears.
  • Swimming the English Channel in hopes that they have real donuts there.
  • Memorizing every street in London because cab drivers aren't allowed to use Mapquest.
  • Not feeling like any more of a monster than usual.
  • Eating a taco above another taco to grow its powers.
  • Taco Bell provocateurs rewriting history.
  • Going to a sushi restaurant when you don't like fish.
  • Insisting your wife only speak to you in German.
  • Not learning the local language because watching Netflix is easier.
  • Impressing people by setting the bar extremely low.
  • Being the only adult at the kid's table.
  • Dropping your phone in a freshwater vs. a saltwater toilet.
  • Using magical beams to get the water out.
  • Apologizing for your router.
  • The clerk knowing you eat Hot Cheetos just by looking at you.
  • Shaming customers into ordering the mild.
  • Moving to a country where everyone else is as spice-intolerant as you are.
  • Confusing being spicy and being spicy.
  • Tactically voting each other off the podcast.
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