187. The Second-Best Whale Playground In Emeryville


May 22nd, 2023

1 hr 8 mins 13 secs

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  • Extra plugs.
  • Mr. Saitou
  • How to sideload software onto the Playdate.
  • Trying to make Sifteo happen.
  • Where to find all the fancy MacIntosh dithering algorithms.
  • Ableton for the Sega Megadrive.
  • Who Zarf is.
  • EU legislation saying that phones must charge via USB-C, which is unsustainable, when the text of the law ought to have been "Apple, knock that shit off."
  • Getting rid of your bucket of cables.
  • Never throwing away wood because you might need one that shape some day
  • Never throwing away oddly shaped pieces of wood because you might become a carpenter some day.
  • Playgrounds getting bad and then good again.
  • Getting breakfast at the Emeryville Public Market.
  • Whether swings or seesaws still exist.
  • Giant wooden castles with bridges going between them.
  • How to make the spinny playground things safe.
  • A regionally variable playground.
  • What countries have and don't have playgrounds.
  • The San Lorenzo Community Park.
  • A big stone bear you can climb on.
  • Whether any of those playground speaking tubes have ever worked.
  • Wanting the world to have magic in it so you lie to your kid about science.
  • The Dennis the Menace playground in Monterey.
  • Periodically removing the poison oak.
  • Growing up and being on the other side of the memory.
  • The Dead Dad playground turning into a fenced-off deathtrap.
  • Procedural memory for nice melodies.
  • Mountain dulcimers vs. hammered dulcimers.
  • Walking around with a bandolier of mountain dulcimers, one for every key.
  • What happens when you're living in the Appalachians and you want to make a violin but you can't.
  • What to do with your ability to play an instrument when you have no free time.
  • Maintaining a consistent strumming pattern while singing.
  • Strumming and finding finger positions intuitively.
  • Here's all the notes. Play the right ones at the right times.
  • The Virtual Console of musical instruments.
  • Jim's favorite note in the mixolydian mode.
  • Where the Wild Things Are for Xbox 360.
  • A poem with hardly any punctuation.
  • Going on a journey of many weeks in just a few pages.
  • Max in a wolf suit fighting bees with a stick.
  • Maurice Sendak Kart Racer.
  • Dinosaur Time.
  • Clapping for names you know.
  • A building with dinosaur bones in it.
  • Rumpusing things.
  • Games where you whack shadow spiders with a stick.
  • GB Studio.
  • Putting a wifi adapter in an NES cartridge.
  • The Mario modding tool set.
  • An IDE for making NES games.
  • Pi-Boy D.
  • Doing homebrew development on a system that is still in active use.
  • Castlevania: Passacaglia of Disrepair.
  • GBA of Theseus.
  • Making a Lynx game that supports 8-player multiplayer, when there aren't 8 people who own the system.
  • Porting a game about matching colors to a monochrome display.
  • Giving your kids a computer running Linux to teach them sysadmin skills, but they just play games on their phone instead.
  • Branded Scratch Wrappers.
  • Composing new music for the extended What the Golf? cinematic universe.
  • How to unlock your school laptop to play the Chrome Dinosaur Game.
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